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Strengthening unity and connecting combatants to serve as sources of information and resources by engaging and participating in multiple events.

Together We Stand, Together We Connect With A Digital Comradeship

Our dedicated client is military personnel and wanted legionaries to connect and volunteer to create opportunities for other servicemen and warriors. He chose Celect Studios to create a platform where comrades can join hands to serve as a source of information and resources for veterans and their families by donating and hosting fundraising events.

The app "WFLF" was specifically developed by our expert developers and professional technicians. They worked on the project with dedication and enthusiasm, understanding the unique requirements and goals of connecting military men on a single platform. The app allows our heroes to freely communicate their combat stories and help other servicemen.

Our specialist integrated advanced features in the app, like donation pages and fundraiser options, so that users could donate the desired amount through the app. The application primarily connects volunteers so that they can easily donate and take part in multiple events.


Bridging The Gap, Strengthening The Brotherhood

We live in a world that is dominated by technology and digitalization, and our developers make sure that connections are crafted with a flawlessly designed app.

We were focused on maintaining bonds with the help of the app so that friendships are not lost when the soldiers return to their normal lives. The app is designed to strengthen brotherhoods formed during military service.

We knew that this project would be an interesting one to work on, like many others. Our specialists started working on the app's development process, but the main challenge we faced during the project was ensuring all tasks and deliverables were completed within the assigned timeline. Our developers needed to work on perfecting the application through multiple tests and experiments. Our developers worked tirelessly to build an app that could run smoothly without any glitches, and it led us towards some additional challenges.

Connecting Warriors: Building Bonds

We understand that military service is not just a job. It's a way of life. By understanding the unique way of living, our professionals designed an app that was user-friendly, assisted military personnel in staying connected, and helped them to share thoughts, military stories, and much more with other comrades and their families. It can be promptly used on both iOS and Android phones, providing a default admin dashboard where users can quickly sign up and connect with other users.


Intriguing Start-UpScreen

Our developers created the home screen with the integration of perfect UI/UX modeling so that the users could enjoy the visuals and graphics that appear on the app's main page. They did not compromise on quality and delivered an appealing screen that inspired the users.

Enhanced Home Page

Our experts designed the homepage with quick and smooth redirections; once the users have logged in, they will be directed to the home page, where they will have more features that they can benefit from and connect with other users. Our developers kept the features simple and interesting to use.


Chat and Connectivity Integration

We focused on the main goal of the app, which is staying connected, and for this reason, we focused on chat's easy integration. Users will be able to chat with others in private and group chats. To start a chat, the user will have three options from which to select and start the chat.

The Addition Of A Calendar For Events

We worked on creating features that offer functionalities to help users see all ongoing events depending on the category, like calendar view, event lists, event status, etc. We made this feature available in the form of a calendar where users can mark their events and add reminders for their fundraisers.


Implanting Resource Information Tab

Our objective was to implant a feature in the app where users could easily enter and extract all the information about other users and their families.

Dedicated Donations Panel

For user ease, we added a donation panel so that users can easily access and donate the desired amount through the app. To make a donation, the user needs to input the desired amount, payment details, complete payment verification, and finalize the payment.


In-App and Push Notifications

We integrated the features of in-app notifications and push notifications to bring users to the application and keep them updated. The in-app feature works when the app is opened, and push notifications can work at any time and pop up on the top of the users' sidebar.

From Challenges To Conquest: WFLFs' Development Journey

We created an app that is a constant reminder that no matter what happens and where life takes you, you are not alone; you have your comrades by your side, even if it is in the form of a digital app. Our expert developers and experienced project managers did not give up. With dedication and effort, they turned the stones into stepping stones. With continuous communication and patience, our professional convinced the client to extend the project's deployment date and asked for flexibility without compromising the quality of the development process for the app. Our proficient communicators were always there to provide assistance to the client and created an understanding throughout the process, which led us to transform challenges into strengths.

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