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Discover the world of networking and connect with like-minded individuals with the Queflic App. Get social and share your stories because you matter, and Queflic gives you the perfect platform to share your life-changing moments.

Connect With A Click, Make Friends In A Flick

Queflic is a social networking app that keeps you in the loop and motivates interaction. It is an on-demand app specially designed by Celect Studios’ expert developers. The app lets you stay updated on the latest trends, news, conversations, and most hyped topics. Let inspiration strike you with Queflic and make every day an opportunity to make meaningful connections and explore exciting content to gain the power of knowledge in today’s world.

Our client wanted us to create an app that could unlock the doors to a more connected and social life for people. The app’s chat features allow people to connect and engage with the world and let others know about their skills and who they really are. It allows them to create and modify stories, along with music links like Spotify, to share with their followers and friends. The app is designed specifically for iOS and Android phones, which provides the user with the ease of staying connected with a tap on their phones.

We focused on creating a platform where users could empower connections by exploring people and connecting with them through small chats or stories. Our developers worked tirelessly to bring the app to life and create a platform that is fueled by meaningful connections, curiosity, and creativity.


Roadblock We Faced In The Development Of Queflic

Our client was excited about the development of the app, as he wanted people to stay connected in the busy world that we live in today.

The client’s aim was to create powerful virtual connections based on an interactive and transformative user experience. Allowing the user to connect and express their thoughts and opinions. He identified that there are limited opportunities for people to engage in meaningful connections and share their perspectives on multiple topics.

He chose us to develop an interactive solution that serves as a bridge by integrating various networking features. Our developers worked devotedly on the app’s development to provide innovative tools to enhance the user’s experience. The challenging aspect was maintaining strong communication to deliver the required design to the UI/UX design team, but a bigger challenge was ensuring timely payments from the client. Both were pressing issues that needed more attention and patience.

Connectivity And Networking Redefined

The app’s portal will give people a break from their tough schedules and let them have some social time to experience the meaning of connectivity and collaboration with other people. The app provides a safe and inclusive environment to exchange ideas and foster understanding by encouraging active participation and giving access to creative tools to enhance the user experience. The app aims to excel in a digital environment by being accessible seamlessly on both iOS and Android phones.


Interactive Screen Display

The screen’s display is the most important. That is why we made the screen’s layout engaging and lucrative at the same time. Our developers worked with passion on crafting the unique design to create eye-catching graphics and intriguing elements for the screen’s display.

Location-Based Filtering

As per the client’s demand, we put effort into crafting an algorithm to provide more relevant information and create a platform for users so that they can connect easily with each other through suggestions and can quickly get identified on search engines.


In-App Ephemeral Stories

Our developers kept every detail in mind that the client requested from us, and we created multiple features so that users can easily post stories and share videos. A dedicated section is designed for people to share multiple videos with music along with captions, and the stories automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Altered Search Filters

This feature is designed so that the user can search specific keywords and multiple users with hashtags to discover relevant content like stories and media-related topics. The search engine allows the hunt for unique bookmarked posts and organizes them into custom categories.


Easy Post Creation

We have designed the app in such a way that users can edit and create content with unique in-app tools, which include text, images, photos, and video editing, to share thoughts and ideas.

In-App Chat Multimedia

The developers have focused on developing a chat feature that is able to send text, voice, and audio messages to other users. The chat box provides a complete list of contacts and followers, and the option for blocking reporting is also provided to ensure the user’s safety and privacy.


Built-In Push Notifications

This feature allows users to receive in-app and push notifications at the same time, and the user gets notified when someone likes or comments on their post. The user is notified of a friend’s request and chat requests to make sure that the user stays connected.

Queflic’s Journey To Excellence

Celect Studios’ developers never gave up. We worked day and night to deliver a flawless app that has the ability to provide an exceptional user experience. We overcame the challenges with patience and continuous collaboration with the design team. We thoroughly analyzed our client’s requirements and delivered them to the design team with specifications to bring the app to life. We had a number of meetings with the client, too, that were handled with patience and responsiveness. Our experts convinced the client to make the payments on time. The client was very cooperative and understood every scenario that we discussed with him. Our developers took full responsibility for developing the finest social networking app. They never hesitated and faced all the challenges with confidence, taking our problems toward the solution. They created an extraordinary app that is user-friendly and can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.

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