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The Fair Finder app is your ultimate driving companion. Enjoy a seamless driving experience by easily comparing fares and pricing and receiving real-time traffic updates.

Hit The Road On A Budget!

Our client understood the importance of maintaining a balanced budget while traveling. After a detailed conversation with the client, we gained a clear understanding of their unique application requirements. Our goal was to offer transparency and a user-friendly driving experience by providing a straightforward and convenient method for users to assess transportation costs.

We ensured that users could make informed decisions aligned with their preferences and budgets by traveling with ease. We developed the app to demonstrate that people can always come to an agreement and make a choice. We created the app so that, despite traffic or bad weather, the price of the ride remains economical.

Our developers put effort into creating an app that users trust, fostering a three-fold alliance between drivers, passengers, and the app. Fair Finder provides transparency in rates, allowing users to make informed decisions by evaluating the costs of various drivers and transporters within their range. We have designed it based on our client’s unique needs so that users can easily compare fare prices on their screens and make wise choices.


Buckle Up For A Budget-Friendly Ride

Why pay for expensive rides when you can compare and evaluate for less? Why not assess costs and make informed decisions?

Upon discussion, we had a collaborative thought with our client about the economic challenges the world is currently facing and how traveling from one place to another has become increasingly troublesome in today's world. That's why, at Celect Studios, we brought the concept of affordable rides to life by transforming it into an app. People can simply swipe on their phones, align their preferences and budgets, and gain easy access.

The client introduced us to the concept of affordable rides during our comprehensive phone call. From our very first conversation, we recognized that this idea could assist individuals grappling with the economic downturn. Without delay, we agreed with the client, and our dedicated developers were eager to bring this app to life as quickly as possible, enabling users to allocate their hard-earned money to a more digitalized experience.

Save Big And Be Satisfied On Every Ride!

We are a committed team of developers who value freedom of choice and movement. That's why Fair Finder offers you a journey with no surprises at the end of your trip. We've ensured transparency for users by providing estimated costs before the ride begins.


Alluring User Interface

Our developers believe in keeping users informed, enabling them to quickly access clear and accurate fares. With our app, users can synchronize their accounts with an email and a one-time password for a seamless sign-in experience. The interfaces are compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms.

Accessible Price Comparison Module

We've developed an app that breaks down fares for each route and destination, empowering you to make informed choices for your travel companion. We're placing the power of choice back in the palm of your hands with a price comparison screen for your selected destination.


Pick The Ride You Can Enjoy

We are more than just developers; we are coders in an extraordinary digital age. With our passion for turning ideas into apps, we transformed our client's concept into a fully functional Fair Finder app, empowering users to select their comfort zone by comparing rates and making informed decisions.

Comparison Screen Output

Our experienced developers thrive on innovation and a desire to exceed limitations. That's why, with our exceptional UI/UX designs, we've brought comparisons to the screens of your phones, enabling users to see and evaluate costs with a simple swipe.


Search History

Our teams consistently put in the effort to deliver apps that stand out in the digital landscape. That's why we've customized Fair Finders so users can view the history of the fares they've searched for in the application.

Premium Web App

With a team of skilled developers, designers, and strategists, we possess the expertise to turn challenges into solutions. With Fare Finder, users can enjoy the application on browsers and desktops with high-resolution screens that are specifically targeted and compatible.


Custom User Profiles

We adhere to rigorous quality standards and ensure complete transparency, providing users with control and freedom. That's why we've implemented a user profile feature, allowing users to update and set up profiles with relevant information.

We Brought An Eco-Friendly Idea To Life

Our skilled developers and experienced specialists thrived on collaboration with the client and within the team to create an exquisite and seamless application, fostering an economical and budget-friendly solution. With our expertise, we successfully tackled challenges, ensuring a problem-free development process and allowing for the swift deployment of the app. We conducted regular meetings to ensure that the app was refined to its finest form. Our specialists were focused on delivering an app that empowers users to make smart choices. Thanks to the latest tech trends and advancements, Celect Studios remains at the forefront of innovation. Connecting with Fare Finders is a breeze because the app is extremely user-friendly and equipped with exceptional features.

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