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Our client came to us with a vision of creating a platform to empower families with differently-abled children and help them find the best service providers, volunteers, and resources for their needs.

An Overview of the App

Our client gave us the generous idea of connecting families with differently-abled kids with suitable service providers and volunteers who want to communicate with families and provide support. They were so kind to give a thought to something that is generally neglected and has been neglected for a good amount of time. Families with differently abled children deserve a platform that serves as a bridge between differently abled children and service providers.

Our goal with the app was to provide those families with the best resources we could. Additionally, the app was designed to offer service providers and volunteers a chance to register and offer their services while connecting with other professionals and families. Able Ally has a feature where parents can specify their child’s unique needs by creating their profile.

Furthermore, it was developed to provide a platform that assists families with differently abled children in finding a network of volunteers and service providers, like therapists, tutors, and medical professionals. It will be possible to avail of the services using this app.


The Challenge That Was Ahead of Us!

The journey of bringing this Idea into an app was a bit tricky for us, but with determination, we pulled it off.

The challenge for us was to create an app that would cater to the diverse and complex needs of differently-abled children and their families while ensuring the quality and credibility of the service providers and volunteers that could cater to their unique needs.

We had to design an app that would be user-friendly, secure, and accessible for all stakeholders. We also had to comply with the Google Play Store and App Store guidelines and privacy policies. It wasn't easy to bring the client's vision to life, but we were determined to make it happen. We wanted to make our client happy by flexing our app development expertise, and we kept focused on creating a secure app that put privacy concerns above everything else.

Disability Support Made Easy

We created this platform for convenience for differently-abled children’s families and aim to provide them with assistance and the best services. We made this app with a seamless user Interface so that our app users can easily navigate and access the resources and support they need.


Custom User Profiles

We created this app with a special feature where you can let the providers know your child’s specific needs and wants by creating a profile of your child, which includes a Profile Picture, Name, Number, Location, Bio, and Information about the child in the description.

Home Screen and Filtration

We aimed to filter the information and options based on location while keeping the targeted audience in mind. Leveraging our expertise, we integrated the best service providers. On the app’s homepage, users can easily access the service provider's name, service name, ratings, charges, and schedule.


Appointments and Schedule

We have integrated an option for the families to see all the details of the services, and it facilitates them with a booking system that enables them to book appointments with service providers and select a specific date from the service provider's schedule.

Payment Option and Feedback Feature

We have implemented an efficient payment system for our users. They have to add a card once by adding the card number, CVC code, and expiration date. We also added a feature where users can add feedback, review the service, and rate any service they have availed of.


In-App Chat

We have added a chat feature within the app, enabling users to engage in direct communication with the service provider. They can use this feature to report any offensive content or issues and even block the service provider if necessary.

Push Notifications and Messages

We have enabled both in-app and push notifications for upcoming reminders of any appointments, whether users have booked them if the service provider requests a delay in the work or if they wish to cancel the meeting. Additionally, new messages in the chat are also notified through push notifications.


Login and Registration

We have implemented a user sign-in option where users input their email. For security purposes, an OTP (One-Time Password) is generated. Users can choose to sign in either with their phone number or opt-in.

Bridging the Gap Between Families and ServiceProviders for Differently Abled Children

Able Ally has exceeded all expectations. Through our dedicated expertise, we have seamlessly integrated a range of captivating features that have profoundly impacted individuals and their experiences. The interactive dashboard, offering real-time insights into user statistics and report tracking, has empowered users and administrators alike. As administrators, we have witnessed firsthand the positive influence of our application, allowing us to actively monitor and enhance online activities. Ultimately, Able Ally has brought about a transformative change, simplifying tasks and enriching the lives of those special children.

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