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DTF is a revolutionary dating app that allows you to swipe, chat, and connect with local singles who meet your preferences.

Find Your Perfect Match: A Dating App for College Students

Introducing 'DTF’. Designed exclusively for college students, it offers a vibrant and secure platform for meeting like-minded peers in your area. It's all about easy swiping, seamless chatting, and meaningful connections.

Our journey began when our client envisioned an app that would transform the dating scene for college students. They wanted a space where students could effortlessly find potential matches who shared their interests and values. DTF was born to fulfill these desires and ensure a fun, user-friendly, and privacy-conscious dating experience for all.

We understand the importance of privacy, especially for college students. DTF ensures that your personal information remains secure and that you have control over what you share.


Revolutionary Dating App with Pay-after-Connection Feature

The development of the DTF dating app stemmed from a vision to address the dating needs of college students.

With a deep understanding of college student's requirements and the goal of creating an exceptionally user-friendly app, the introduction of swipe-right and swipe-left features was aimed at simplifying the process of expressing interest in potential matches.

One of the distinctive features of DTF is its "Pay-After-Connection" model. We observed that many dating apps required users to make upfront payments for subscriptions, potentially discouraging potential users. DTF, on the other hand, allows users to pay only after they've successfully connected with someone. This approach underscores our commitment to delivering value to our users.

Swipe Right for Love

You can effortlessly express your interest or disinterest by swiping right or left to engage in conversations with your matches. Our app features an innovative integration: simply swipe right when intrigued, or swipe left when something doesn't pique your interest. This user-friendly approach enhances your overall experience.


Compatible Matching

DTF connects local singles online, serving as the ultimate dating app for college students seeking their perfect match in the area.

Discover Your Perfect Match

DTF provides a diverse array of features meticulously designed to assist you in discovering your perfect match, regardless of whether you're in pursuit of a committed, long-term relationship, a more relaxed and spontaneous connection, or any variation in between.


Changing the Dating Game for College Students

Our dating app is designed with college students in mind, offering features that elevate the dating game. With personalization at its core, you can tailor your profile to reflect your true self.

Friendly Interface

Within the app, you'll find a convenient sign-in page that allows you to input essential details, including your email and OTP, or alternatively, your phone number, Apple ID (for iOS), or Google ID.


Chat On The Go

We've created this dating app featuring a chat function, allowing you to start conversations with potential matches. Subscribers can chat freely, and if ever offended, they can promptly block users.

Create Custom Profiles

It allows you to create a profile where you can specify your interests and preferences, ensuring that search results align with your choices. You can also exercise additional control over your preferences for a tailored experience.


A Modern and Secure Dating Platform

DTF also prioritizes your privacy and safety by implementing strong security measures to protect your data and provide you with control over your information. You can set your profile as public or private and manage your blocked users list.

When The Ordinary Became Extraordinary

Our dedicated team collaborated passionately to bring DTF to life. From inception to execution, we meticulously crafted every detail. Now, DTF thrives as a vibrant college dating community, redefining how students find love and companionship. With user-focused features, robust security, and seamless functionality, we've truly transformed the college dating experience. Our goal was to create an innovative dating platform that redefines the dating experience, and we believe that we have achieved just that.

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