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What are apps in healthcare? Exploring Its Benefits, Challenges, and Examples.

What are apps in healthcare? Healthcare apps have remodeled the total medical space. Medical apps reconstruct the entire structure for different stakeholders, patients, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs in the medical industry. 

Reminders for pill intake, intelligent health management, symptom monitoring, telemedicine, and fitness tracking are all used with technological advancements in app development. Healthcare apps and tech start-ups have reduced the gap between the health services of local and remote areas. Apps are making it easier to build stronger connections with the target audiences o the medical industry.

Some General Benefits Of Healthcare Apps

The healthcare application gives users more control over their medical care in their digital sphere. They provide excellent care with all automation alternatives available on the healthcare plans and solutions that can meet their specific healthcare needs. On-hand healthcare data is the most crucial benefit of the app as it saves all your data and medical reports and keeps a good observation of your health. Apps used for healthcare also have a secure payment model through in-app purchases using credit cards and blockchain to perform secure transactions.

Features Of Healthcare App Development

There are numerous healthcare apps available on the app store globally. We will draw down the features of healthcare development to better understand the app development services initiated by the medical sector. 

Keeping Track Of Health

It is one of the most essential features in a healthcare application. Its functions permit monitoring vital elements and health scenarios of patients. The app helps recognize any occurring condition in a patient beforehand. Like pulse rate, calorie intake, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and other imbalances.

Requisition Appointments

This feature plays another critical role in the healthcare apps for patients. It allows them to request timely appointments with their chosen doctor, and on the same hand, it provides doctors an overall view of the appointments that they have conducted in a day. This feature’s benefit is that “waiting room chaos is removed due to perfect scheduling with the app.”

Medicine Reminders

This factor helps patients to keep track of medicine intake, sleep time, water consumption, or simply being reminded of their daily calorie intake. It makes it easier for patients to keep track so patients do not miss out on their healthy routines.

Patient Information Database

Hospitals, clinics, and doctors mostly use this app’s feature. Utilizing this feature gives the facility to use real-time patient reports and gain access to medical history and prescriptions quickly. 

Finding Out Doctors

Through built-in map integration, patients can use the medical app to locate nearby doctors or clinics. This feature can be used anywhere in the world. Patients can even call ambulances using the healthcare app when they are not near their prime location. 

Challenges Of Healthcare App Development

The functionalities are compelling the apps and making them a must-have feature. However, there are assertive challenges o healthcare app development. We will discuss them in the following sections:

Compliance And Customs Problems

The biggest problem of healthcare app development is implementing compliance. Every nation has its own separate set of rules and regulations that a healthcare app should follow. For a healthcare company or entrepreneur looking to make a global proposal for their healthcare app, it is a big challenge to follow the steps of compliance initiated with different companies.

Available on Multiple Devices

Healthcare app development services face challenges due to the presence of multiple devices. New devices and different channels initiating a healthcare space like smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices create intrusion of operation, which continues to be a massive issue for the healthcare sector.  On the other hand, patient data security across different platforms is being compromised.

Unsecure Network

There are many situations where patients’ data got stolen or hacked due to un-secure network and storage infrastructure. However, security is the first thing every healthcare app should consider. Only a few apps take it seriously to create a firewall for data security.

Examples Of Apps And What Are Apps In Healthcare?

A healthcare app is a smartphone application created specifically for healthcare and wellness. A health application is designed to help people manage their disease better or even guide people about meeting their wellness goals. Healthcare apps offer services like appointment booking, medical records, and health monitoring. Let’s discuss some significant Healthcare apps that are upgrading the patient’s experience and reshaping how the healthcare industry functions globally. 

Fitness Healthcare App

  • AMJ Workplace Wellness

AMJ Workplace Wellness is an app developed especially for corporate employee well-being. This app’s motive is to help employees stay active and energetic during working hours. Its basic purpose is to remind employees to have breaks for supplies, provides them with a healthy nutrition plan for a better diet, and recommend physical exercise. Users can choose to create their own diet plan or follow the one given by the application. It’s an Android and iOS-based application. 

  • Stop Vaping Challenge

Stop Vaping is another app that was a project from the University of Toronto, and its motto was to help users go without vaping for as long as possible. It has challenging start and ending options. Users add information about themselves, like mood swings and cravings, to vape. Once they want to vape, they need to end the challenge timer and check for how long they resisted the urge. The app has a leaderboard that rewards users with badgers to make it more fun.

  • My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal is a nutrition and fitness app with a calorie counter and a heart rate calculator that helps users meet their weight loss journey and water drinking goals. It works as a food tracker and meal planner. It also allows users to check their daily, weekly, and monthly eating habits. The app has a built-in camera that guides with scanning food images and their barcodes. Users add portions in grams, confirm ingredients, then extract food reports. 

  • Google Fit

Google Fit is Google’s official healthcare app that makes a grid for physical movement and monitors heart activity. Google has designed, created, and launched the app in association with the American health association and the world health organization to help users keep track of their everyday conditions. Google-fit is a cross-platform app that works on smartwatches and integrates well with third-party apps like Starva and Basis. 

  • Apple Health

Apple Health is an iOS healthcare application and the only flagships products that are available on all Apple devices. It examines daily activity involving sleeping and eating habits, physical movements, heart rates, and other symptoms. The app blends with other third-party apps. Users can use customized alarms and notification alerts for sleeping schedules, water reminders, etc. They can also review their symptoms graphically. 

Telemedicine And On-Demand Healthcare Apps 

  • Heal

Heal is a medical app with the facility to register and book virtual and in-person doctor visits. It works for remote health observations and scheduling doctor’s house calls. Users can pay for their sessions online. Users are required to sign in their data, and they have the facility of booking appointments directly with vetted medical providers and doctors.

  • Talkspace Therapy And Counseling

Talkspace is an internet-based therapy app it combines users and therapists. This app has in-app messaging, audio, and video communication features. The official Talkspace listing gives suggestions through feedback from patients that “ the app is as effective as consulting a doctor in real” Patients using it for more than two months felt a vast change in themselves and their stress and anxiety levels. Some users consider Talkspace a pricy option than in-person therapy sessions that cost average.

Mental Health Apps 

  • Calm

Calm is a meditation and mind relaxation app that improves sleep, mindfulness, and focus. It fits perfectly with every self-improvement regime and helps reduce patients’ stress levels and anxiety. It provides a high-end user experience and has the ability to support multi-lingual. Calm has something for everyone. It has different plans, essential, for business, for students, and a family plan. Calm is a free app that provides in-app purchases. It is on deck for Android and iOS, has a booming web presence,  and works with Apple TV, Apple watches, and Wear OS.

  • Headspace

Headspace is another leading mental healthcare app and has intense competition with Calm, which helps with sleeping and focusing. It is currently a smaller brand than Calm but is spreading its arms rapidly in terms of the library. Users can search for educational articles on relief, stress, self-love, and coping with tragedies. Headspace also has a huge library for such articles that help with sleeping music and guided meditation audio. 

  • Wysa

WYsa is a one-of-a-kind mental health app designed to work for mood tracking, mindfulness, and anxiety relief. It’s basically a chatbot based on AI. Users going through severe stress symptoms and depression can interact with it. For them, Wysa is a happiness buddy, a mood changer, and a friendly bot who, by nature, does not share any information with their parties. The functionality of the chatbots is to provide the best Ai experience. Wysa is the best AI healthcare app and the greatest innovation in the mental health landscape. Wysa takes a step forward to develop significant goals like blending artificial intelligence with a fluid user interface, easy navigation, and high end-to-end performance for a specific audience. 

Characteristics That A Healthcare Application Must Have

  1. Organized profiles of patients and doctors. 
  2. Incorporation of healthcare applications with Google Fit, Health Kit, and Samsung Health.
  3. Options for telemedicine. 
  4. Options for reminders. 

New Generation Features In Healthcare App Development

Integrating new-generation technology features in your application will attract funding and advancement. These features let you upgrade your user experience and increase your rating.

Investing In Healthcare App Development

Healthcare app development is the fastest-growing domain in the tech industry. To start your investment in the healthcare app, the first thing you need to do is get HIPAA compliance. HIPAA compliance is a living culture that healthcare organizations must implement within their business to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of protected health information. Secondly, acquire a minimal user interface without clutter and no overwhelming features, no loud background music, or even push notifications with high frequencies because of the specific target audience. Also, healthcare apps have to choose from specific monetization models. You can launch a free app that earns through sponsored advertisements and in-app purchases. Keep in mind to secure the data exchanged for advertisement as per terms and conditions following the privacy policy. 

Taking into account that most healthcare apps, such as Calm and Talkspace, prefer to introduce premium models. These apps provide an ad-free experience so that the users can focus on the solution they are searching for in the app. These healthcare apps earn through subscriptions and are making significant turnover in the industry. Apart from user experience and monetization models, a lot more goes into a healthcare app., such as the development of target audience, competitor analysis, features, technology stack, and quality assurance. But starting the development of a healthcare app from some point needs courage, which usually happens with a world-changing idea and paradigm to make an impact in the healthcare sector. 

Wrapping Up

Healthcare apps enable people to care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Healthcare apps include telemedicine and medical care apps, fitness apps, mental health apps, fitness trackers, physical activity monitors, symptoms trackers, diagnosis apps, and many more. Mobile healthcare apps provide engagement through personalized experiences, effective patient-focused care, and diagnosis sharing between patients. Let’s make lives better and save lives by finding world-class healthcare solutions delivered with a human touch and planning for an improved future. there is many best on-demand app development companies that aim to create a culture that provides effective patient care. Our team of experienced healthcare app developers and designers is passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers. We are committed to providing our clients with a developed app with innovation, quality, and security by providing sustainable health-conscious end-product. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to help you make the most of your healthcare application development services.

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