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The Theory Of Color In Android Mobile Application Design

Colors are a treat to every eye. From a newborn to every other age group, it holds the utmost essence of attention. It can catch the eye of almost everyone, but the way it can make any grey look almost scenic, it also holds the power to dim the shine of the entirety.

Therefore, whatever is chosen, the choice of colors is the most important if you are planning your app from scratch. The impact of colors holds the utmost importance for the user interface. The choice of the right befitting colors is not a requisite for aesthetic purposes, but it offers a mega prospect for improvisation in User Experience, too. You may wonder, how is that so? It happens simply by making the navigation of your mobile app simple. Often at times, we unintentionally associate colors with a particular emotion or state of mind, such as red can be easily attributed to anger or passion, so is blue and yellow considered to be at a much warmer tone. Therefore, when the choice of colors is made rightly, it can help your targetted users to hit that “Download Now” button at first sight, as it may give off the purpose of your app through the choice of your color palette.

Imagine you are looking to install an app to calm your mind and body and it is colored with bright yellow and orange colors, almost on a piercing tone. Won’t you have second thoughts about downloading it? On the other hand, if you see the same colors on the best offline iPhone games,  you might not think the same. Therefore, it, too is an art to choose the right color for the app’s aesthetics. One has to have a great eye for designing to utilize colors in a manner that not just takes in the very idea of the app but also gives off the purpose of the mobile app at first sight. 

What is color theory, tho?

Color psychology is simply explained as the study of colors and the way they play their part in influencing human behavior. Even though there are many colors to be named, color psychology focuses more on colors such as red, green, blue, and yellow, as these colors are the ones that have distinct effects on the perception and emotions of humans.

What importance does color hold for mobile app design?

Ever wondered why certain colors make you feel calm while others make you feel energized? This is where color theory comes into play in mobile app design. For every user-friendly interface, the most important aspect is color; for example, consider an app’s icon and visualize the variance of colors in Google’s icon. It tells you a lot about the impression it intends to make. Likewise, the user gets the chance to first interact with your logo even before they download it, so make sure the color you choose represents your app’s impression with the right feels; who knows, it may pique interest in the user’s mindset to download the app right away. Colors don’t just hold the power to lead human emotions but can also be a good strategic tool for marketing if used accordingly for the purpose, it can drive more downloads and engage users.

Colors have been used for the association so much that, as per a survey, people were asked to give specific words to colors, some of the results of which are shared below:

  1. For speed, they picked up a red color,
  2. For cheapness, yellow and orange were the most recurring ones, and
  3. Black got the mark of high quality, and blue and black were collectively considered for high technology.

Marketers of mobile app development company Chicago have been closely monitoring this matter, so it is time for developers and designers to understand the math and science behind the colors. But if you are coming across color theory only now and have no other choice but to let your already live application be as it is with a heavy heart. We have a piece of good news for you, we will educate you on how to change the color of your apps.

What to do to change the color of your app?

The color of apps varies significantly as per each device’s operating system and the app’s optimization specifications. However, there are enough articles about how to do that in iPhone documented by iOS Custom App Development Company, we have documented some ways you can use on your Android phone if you are wondering how to change the color of your apps in settings. So if you have Android 14, you can follow these processes which are similar to all, however, some specific steps may vary as per the user’s operating system.

  • Usage of Themed Icons

Themed icons are used to change the app icon color at a quick speed, however, it may not do the deal for all only ones like Camera, Chrome, YouTube, Messages, Gmail, and Play Store changed.

Reach your Settings > choose Wallpaper & Style > click on Home Screen > press Themed icons to utilize this feature.

  • App Themes

Often there exists an option within the app to change the color of the app, it is suggested that you open your app and search for the built-in theme options that may allow you to make changes to your color scheme.

  • System-wide Themes

For particular Android devices, there exists an option of changing the system-wide theme that may contribute to affecting the color scheme of not some but multiple apps at once. If you wish to experience this, look for  Settings > Display or Themes.

  • Play Store’s Third-Party Apps 

Search for apps like Action Launcher or Nova Launcher on the Google Play Store and customize the appearance of whatever you wish to, be it your device or app colors.

Final Thoughts

As lethal extra sugar is to a perfectly made sweet dish, flamboyance of colors in the pretense of aesthetics can also end up being a total no-go, so make sure that you don’t overdo it. Stick to no more than three colors and always keep your user base and the purpose that you set your mobile app for in mind while picking the color to associate your app with. If more than your app, you are tired of using the app with the same monotonous look, then even you have a chance to change your user experience just by following the right steps. Now that you are aware of how important role a proficient mobile app designer plays in your mobile app design make sure you leverage its power at the max so that users are engaged in your mobile app too, and don’t forget to add the customization feature of color scheme in your app.

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