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Reasons Why Real Estate Apps May Save You Time and Money

Are you a property dealer struggling to organize your real estate connections, data, listings, and finances?

Do you think you are falling behind just because the world has become digital and you need a solid online presence to handle your real estate business?

We live in a world preoccupied with gadgets, digital assets, apps, and websites, and you can not sweep that fact under the rug. As a real estate agent, you must understand these trends and go beyond the horizon to serve your customers. Let us set your focus on why you need a real estate app and how can a  good one can really make a difference in your business.

Importance of Real Estate Apps in the Property Industry

If you’re not considering building a real estate app anytime soon, you will find yourself in deep waters, and the reason is that your competitors are already on the run and working on other aspects of enhancing the user experience. It is high time to pull your socks up and get ready to take the plunge.

The best real estate apps on the market empower all the players in the real estate industry to make more money and stay relevant in such a tech-forward society. Are you still working on the decision? No problem. Let us tell you some handy advantages that will save you time and money and dive deep into why a real estate app is necessary to succeed in the current setting.

Boost Sales

A real estate mobile app can promote your business and boost sales in various ways. It can showcase residential, commercial, and rental properties, offer home value estimates, provide property records, MLS listings, and tax records, and give detailed floor plans and virtual tools. The app can also include local school ratings and other helpful information, enabling users to save their favorite properties.

  • Residential and commercial property listings for sale or rent
  • Rental listings
  • Value estimation
  • Easy open-house information access
  • Quick mortgage payments calculations
  • Property records and listings for buyers
  • Property tax records
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Virtual tools
  • Professional photography
  • Local ratings
  • Other helpful information

Boost Sales

Apps are Crucial for On-Point Property Listings

Investing in a real estate mobile app only makes sense when you are getting a good return on your investment ROIs. Agents love apps because it helps them sell more and deliver a better customer experience, ultimately providing a higher ROI.

You can focus on selling instead of dealing with minor details that can be accomplished through the app without your direct involvement. For instance, you can engage a customer instantly by offering virtual tours of the property instead of physical ones. This will not just save you a ton of time but also eliminate the troubles where you visit a property in person, only for the buyer to realize it’s not what they’re looking for.

Build Your Brand

The best real estate app for your business can help take your brand to the next level. Operating a basic agency or working independently, you can get your hands on a premium real estate app to handle clients easily. The best thing about these apps is that you do not need to compete with giants like Zillow or the other players dominating the real estate app industry. When starting communication, you can focus these apps on your local market and give them to prospects.

The clients are brilliant these days; they keep their options open, but if you can play smart too and live in their pockets through a smartphone app, it will give you a significant advantage. On the other hand, sellers are more likely to provide you with their listing if you have a mobile app. They’ll see this as a way to sell their homes faster to eligible buyers.

Build Your Brand

Enhance the User Experience

Having a real estate website is best, but you will eventually need a real estate that will serve customers effectively when users navigate from smartphones and tablets. The user will enjoy the responsiveness and functionality through a click, swipe, scroll, or tap. They will find it easy to filter listings based on different search criteria and photos and learn more about a property for sale or rent. Not to mention, the user interfaces of mobile apps and websites are far different. The app is way superior to its web counterparts.

Mobile devices’ usage experience (UX) directly influences their usage, as evident from research comparing app usage and web usage. Users spend over four times more time on apps than websites when browsing from their smartphones, and session times are almost triple on apps versus websites from tablets. You can learn more about great UX design here to design a better UX for your real estate app.

Enhance the User Experience

Drive Engagement through the Best Real Estate App

Apart from offering an improved UX, real estate apps are more effective than any other digital touchpoint for engagement. Once downloaded, an app is just a click away, making it more convenient than opening a web browser and manually typing in a website.

Users are highly engaged during the first week of downloading the app, and real estate apps are twice as likely to retain users as mobile websites. Of the 70% of people who actively use real estate apps, they use the app at least thrice weekly. An app is also more effective than email marketing and can be used to send targeted push notifications about new listings to encourage inactive users to open the app.

Real Estate Market Trends on Tips

Real estate mobile app downloads are on the rise, with a 15% increase in the United States and a 7.6% growth in the UK. With buyers and sellers already using famous real estate apps like Zillow and Redfin, it’s necessary to have a real estate mobile app to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends.

Real Estate Market Trends

Improve Customer Relationship Management

An app can also help you reach a wider audience, expand your business, and improve customer relationship management by doubling as a CRM platform. Users can enter personal details and preferences, and the app can also facilitate simple document delivery, making transactions quicker and more efficient.

Improve Customer Relationship

Soft Copy Documentation

Gone are the days of many files, documents, and hard copies of every important information for real estate transactions. Now transmit forms and collect signatures instantly via mobile app. It increases the flexibility of service. For instance, your client can skip visiting you to sign the document or fill out the form. They can do it on weekends or during off hours. They can go through a copy in the app, fill out forms and see the status of those forms in real time.

Effective Data Organization and Showcase

Great real estate apps are significant for agent manuals and directories to maintain online. You can use this data to connect new clients and agents in the area who fits within the criteria you’re looking for. When customers and other local realtors sign up for the app, they can enter personal details about themselves, including.

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email email address
  • What they’re looking for
  • Location
  • Preferences

Final Thoughts

Real estate apps are so versatile that you can use them in various ways to serve your customers and business better. Whether you want to go for a new real estate app development project or upgrade your old one with new widgets and functionalities like a simple mortgage calculator, the opportunities are endless. Celect Studios is a full-service real estate app development agency to manage properties, listings, realtors, clients, and a lot more. So why wait? Just grab your phone and schedule an appointment to discuss your real estate app tod


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