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Mobile Game Ads: A Complete Guide To Mobile Game Monetization and Advertising

In this article, we will be highlighting a major topic that is considered an essential part of all sorts of mobile app development procedures. Be it applications for gaming purposes, social networking, banking, education, e-commerce, or any other application, they will always be based on a monetization model. In the planning and design phases of a mobile app, the developers also decide the suitable monetization strategy through which the application will make money. If you are someone who is looking forward to answers regarding what sort of monetization models are available in the market for gaming apps or how in-app mobile ads work, then you have to stick with us till the end of the article.

So without any further delay, let’s start our topic. 

What Are Mobile Gaming Applications? – Definition

First things first, let’s quickly review what mobile game applications are. Being an owner of a smartphone, it is pretty sure that you might have downloaded at least one gaming app in your life or might have stumbled upon these applications in the app store. If not, then you might have heard the names of some of the popular gaming apps like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, PubG, etc. 

The format of a mobile game app is similar to the functionality and features of a normal video game. The only difference is that since mobile devices are handy and convenient, that gives users the leverage to enjoy game apps anywhere and at any time. A mobile game app developed with detailed precision would attract more and more users by including visually appealing graphics, new features, and trends, as well as user-friendly controls. 

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Game App

Since our topic of concern is mobile app monetization, we will, however,  quickly review some of the steps that go into developing an innovative and immersive mobile game application. 

  • The first step to making a game app involves the planning phase, in which developers decide on the type of game, target audience, gaming software, tech stack, deadlines, monetization strategy, and other important points.
  • The next step includes looking for a game development company that would help facilitate the whole process with their expertise. 
  • The third step includes building a prototype that will help the development team understand the product you have in mind. 
  • The fourth stage is basically known as the initial development stage, in which the software of the application is built through coding. This step also includes dealing with the technical details of the app. 
  • The fifth step includes the UI/UX design for the application, which would help give the app a proper face by adding graphic and visual elements. 
  • The sixth and last step to making a game app includes testing the application as many times as required in order to detect bugs and debug them. Once the app is bug-free, it is time to launch it on the market. 

How Do Mobile Gaming Applications Make Money?

A question that is frequently asked by people is how mobile gaming applications make money. 

The answer to this question is that a mobile gaming app will make money with the help of a determined monetization strategy. These strategies include different models that help a game development company or a private game developer generate sales revenue and a Return On Investment (ROI) rate instantly.

A considerable amount of thought is put into deciding the way a monetization strategy will be implemented so that the users will not be negatively affected and the company will get benefits at the same time. 

What Are Some Of The Beneficial And Working Mobile App Monetization Models For Games?

Even though some game applications are free to play, they still have a working strategy to make money. This section of the article will highlight some of the monetization models in detail. 

  • Paid/Premium Gaming Apps.
  • Freemium Gaming Apps.
  • Subscription Strategy.
  • In-app Purchases.
  • In-app Advertisement.

Paid/Premium Gaming Apps

The first monetization strategy that game apps follow is launching a paid version of the app. In other words, players and users will have to pay a fixed amount in order to download the game. After that, they can easily enjoy the game without any additional cost. 

Freemium Gaming Apps

The next mobile app monetization strategy includes deploying a freemium version of the game in the app market. This means that initially, the game will be free to download. However, once the app is downloaded, it might ask the users for a payment in order to continue unlocking a new game level, a character, a weapon, etc. 

Subscription Strategy

Next in line is the subscription strategy for the monetization of gaming apps. This strategy allows users to pay a fixed amount of fees monthly or annually in order to enjoy the game easily. You can easily understand this strategy if you have ever availed of a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

In-app Purchases 

The next type of monetization model that developers might opt for to make a game app is known as in-app purchases. This kind of strategy allows game creators to add elements like characters, game levels, weapons, rewards, additional points, etc., that users would have to pay for in order to avail themselves of.

In-app Mobile Game Ads

Last but not least, in-app advertising is also one of the most renowned forms of monetization that a game development company might utilize. This method includes the appearance of both playable and rewardable ads in a game through which the app will make money. 

It is essential to note that a mobile game app might follow or include any one of the monetization strategies for making money, or it might also opt for a hybrid model (a combination of two or more models). 

A Detailed Guide To In-App Mobile Ads

From now on, in this article, we will be discussing the monetization strategy of mobile game ads for gaming applications. As we discussed in the previous section, advertisements and mobile gaming apps go hand in hand with making money. This monetization strategy is known to be the most preferred by game developers as compared to others. 

In-app advertisements with reference to video games can be installed on any sort of electronic device and gaming platform; however, since our topic of consideration is mobile apps only, we will be talking about that.

Most of the game apps available on the app market are free to download and play. This allows game app developers to sell considerable space to different advertisers to publish their ads in the application. Most of the time, these ads are static, which means they are installed in the coding stage of the game. At other times, these in-app ads are dynamic, which means that they can be updated or changed in real-time. 

What Are Some Of The Types Of In-App Mobile Game Ads?

With different types of gaming apps and genres available on the market, there are also different types of in-app ads that developers can choose from. Some of them are:

  • Interstitial In-App Ads.
  • Native Banner In-App Ads.
  • Contextual In-App Ads. 
  • Playable In-App Ads. 
  • Rewarded Video In-App Ads. 

Interstitial In-App Ads

Interstitial in-app mobile ads are interactive and creative ads that usually fill the full screen of players. These advertisements are presented during the user’s gaming session. For instance, an ad occurs between levels. Interstitial advertisements are helpful in providing high levels of conversion since they do not disrupt the user experience. 

Native Banner In-App Ads

These types of advertisements help game app developers install ads in the game that seem to blend with the background of the app easily and seamlessly. The statistical reports for native banner ads have estimated the market value of these ads to reach $400 billion by 2025.

Contextual In-App Ads

Next in line are the contextual in-app ads. Users receive these advertisements depending on their current status when the ad is presented. Advertisers submit a list of predetermined subjects and keywords to their media source, which uses algorithms to match the ad with text, pictures, and topics.

Playable In-App Ads

Playable in-app ads are an entertaining and interactive type of monetization strategy. These ads allow players to play a short version of the game in the form of an ad before downloading the app itself. Such ads also help in acquiring user attention and increase the chances of the app being downloaded.  

Rewarded Video In-App Ads

Last but not least, the type of rewarded video n-app ads that require users to view an ad in order to avail of some rewards in the form of points, character or level upgradation, extra lives, etc. 

To Sum Up – Mobile Game Ads: A Complete Guide To Mobile Game Monetization and Advertising 

The everlasting monetization strategies are undeniable. These models allow companies and industries to develop games that increase player engagement, generate revenue and leads by attracting users, and much more. In order to get professional guidance regarding the relevant and appropriate monetization strategies for your mobile game app, you can easily get connected with Celect Studios, which offers professional solutions in mobile game app development.

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