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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Instagram?

As we all know, social media is a platform utilized by people all over the world. A forum that was initially developed for social networking and building connections between people is now utilized by marketers for digital promotion, business owners for e-commerce services, educators to share and upload informational content, influencers for content creation and entertainment, and many other useful goals are being fulfilled through social media. 

In other words, it is acceptable to conclude that social media platforms have encouraged interaction between users as well as the development of plans and concepts for useful actions. 

In this world of social media forums, there are few platforms that have consistently maintained their position at the top. These programs have consistently managed to draw users in and keep them engaged with them over the course of their development, from the very first iterations to the most recent ones. For instance, there are many different mobile applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Although several attempts to create apps comparable to these have been made, consumers have always abandoned these programs after a while. 


This article will tap into one of these widely used social media applications, known as Instagram, and the cost to make an app similar to it. This application is not unfamiliar to people who are social media junkies and spend most of their time on these forums. We will be looking into what Instagram is, how it works, the features of this app, and the elements regarding the cost criteria of an Instagram-like application. 


So without any further delay, let’s begin our topic.

What Is The Instagram Application? An Overview

The vast majority of individuals already have some familiarity with Instagram and its uses. In contrast, Instagram is a social networking website for those who are unfamiliar with the platform. On several operating systems, people can access Instagram through a mobile application. The unique features of this social media platform allow users to connect with like-minded people, upload and share content in the form of pictures and videos, add captions, follow famous celebrities or influencers,  voice their opinion, direct message or call each other, etc. Nowadays, this platform is widely used and preferred by businesses and companies to market their products and services in order to reach the maximum audience and increase lead generation as well as sales generation. 

The History Of Instagram: How Does It Work?

The history of Instagram dates back to October 2010, when the application was developed and launched as an iOS application only, which meant that only Apple users could utilize the application. Since the app gained so much attention and popularity in the initial stages of development, the company launched an Android version after two years in June 2012. 

In the same year (2012), Facebook,  another famous platform, observed the instant success of Instagram and purchased the application. Through the years of expansion and upgrades, Instagram has not failed to keep users engaged and entertained. With the help of adding useful features and eliminating problematic ones, the Instagram community is only growing in numbers day by day.   

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Instagram For Beginners

Beginners and newbies often get confused regarding the steps to sign up and make an account for Instagram. However, the process of doing so is not that difficult or complex. By following the guidelines mentioned below, you can easily start the journey of using this social media platform. 

  • Download The Application From The App Store. 
  • Create An Account In The Application. 
  • Initial Settings Of The Profile.
  • Utilizing The Features Of Instagram.
  • Exploring Instagram. 


  • Download The Application From The App Store

Downloading the app onto a mobile phone or other electronic device, such as an iPad or tablet, is the first step in beginning the experience of using any mobile application. Instagram operates similarly. All you need to do to download the app, whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, is go to the relevant app store for your operating system. 


  • Create An Account On The Application

Making an account on the program is the second step, which is done after downloading it. There are two ways to do this.

  • Users can log into the program using the first approach and their Facebook account. This implies that you won’t be required to provide any personal information because Facebook will be connected to your account.
  • However, in order to create a distinct and unconnected account, the second step requires users to submit information such as a username, password, phone number, email address, etc. 


  • Initial Settings Of The Profile

After creating an account, you will be required to set up your profile. Consider an Instagram profile as a platform from which people would be able to get to know you, connect with you, and vice versa. Setting up a profile is not complex, as all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Update your profile picture with anything you like. For instance, it can be your photo, a family photo, an image taken from Pinterest, a quote, etc.
  • Update your bio regularly. A bio can be anything that will define you. It is something you do, like your profession, a quote that you like, a description of your hobbies, etc. 
  • You can also update your username anytime you want. 
  • Update your settings as per your preferences. This includes settings for notifications received, selecting between a private or public account, messaging notifications, following notifications, etc. 

It is an important point to remember that, except for the requirement of changing your settings to the preferred options, you can also continue using your account without a profile picture or bio. However, a username will be required at all times. 

  • Utilizing The Features Of Instagram

Once your profile is all set, it is time to explore the features and utilize the services of Instagram. Since Instagram is a huge platform with people all over the world having access to it, it makes it easier for people to connect with people, follow celebrities and e-commerce brands, upload their own content or like the content of people they follow, look for reviews, and enjoy many other essential benefits. 

  • Exploring Instagram

A technological invention like social networking platforms always leaves room for self-exploration for users. The same is true with Instagram. The users of this social media forum can easily explore different pre-existing and recently launched features and utilize them in creative ways.

Though there might be a learning curve to this whole process, the developers of Instagram always make sure to provide top-tier assistance to people through instructions, tutorials, and guidelines. 


What Are Some Of The Unique And Useful Features That Make Instagram, Instagram?

The key to attracting users to any social media platform is dependent on the features the application provides as well as the frequency with which these features are launched. If a mobile app development company deploys an app but does not maintain it or update it after some time, the users will lose interest and go for more advanced and stable options. 

However, in the case of an application like Instagram, the users are pretty much satisfied with the unique and creative features that are constantly being installed in the system for use. These features basically add to the beauty and functionality of an application. Some of the features of Instagram that separate it from other social networking applications are mentioned below. 

  • Live Video Feature 
  • Instagram TV, Aka IGTV
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories 
  • Instagram Geotagging 
  • Instagram Ads 
  • Uploading And Editing Content 
  • Shopping Through Instagram 
  • Data Analytics Feature 


  • Live Video Feature

The first noticeable feature of Instagram that has successfully created hype among users is the live video feature. This feature allows users to start a live video, like a live streaming video, in real time. Through live video features, users can easily connect with their followers and carry out conversations in real-time. 

The feature of live video proved pretty useful for people who are famous celebrities, business owners, influencers, etc. Since these people have public accounts, it makes it easier for them. 

  • To interact with a huge base audience.
  • Promote a specific brand or product.
  • Building a connection. 


  • Instagram TV, Aka IGTV

Next in line is the feature of Instagram TV, commonly known as IGTV. The IGTV feature enables users to upload videos with a longer duration (something that was not possible back in time). 

This feature helps users load detailed content without worrying about the time limit. It is easy to video the IGTV option as users get the icon of IGTV on the explore page, including videos of their friends as well as similar accounts that they have followed.   


  • Instagram Reels

A bit contrary to the idea of IGTV, Instagram reels are yet another feature of this forum. This feature enables users to upload small videos that are visually pleasing, attractive, and entertaining. Reels can help you in the following ways: 

  • You can make your feed look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Upload short vlogs or daily vlogs to increase reach if you have a public account. 
  •  Interact with users under the content of interest.
  •  Market a product in a unique way, etc.


  • Instagram Stories

Instagram stories include some interesting and exciting features like polls, Q&A sessions, GIFS, Boomerangs, stickers, etc. All of these features help make a story interesting and connect with your audience in an innovative way. Stories also contribute a lot to building customer relationships or marketing products on a smaller scale.  


  • Instagram Geotagging

Instagram geotagging works as a navigation locator. With the help of this feature, users can easily tag the location of a place, which makes it easier for people to understand the place. By tapping on the location, the geotagging feature will direct you straight to the maps. 


  • Instagram Ads

Next in line is the feature of Instagram Ads. These advertisements are sponsored posts on the site, for which companies or brands have to pay a fee. With the help of this Instagram function, it is easier for companies to build their brand’s visibility, attract new leads, boost website traffic, and improve sales. 


  • Uploading And Editing Content

Uploading content in the form of photos or videos was the primary reason Instagram was launched. However, Instagram also provides the added facility of editing content before uploading. With the help of these editing tools, users can balance and maintain the brightness, rotation, saturation, contrast, shadows, etc., in their posts. 

Instagram enables users to upload multiple varieties of content in the form of reels, IGTV, threads of images, videos, etc. In this way, your content has an increased chance of reaching the maximum audience with the help of hashtags, geotagging, inserting links, etc. 


  • Shopping Through Instagram

Instagram’s shoppable tags feature has made the process of shopping through Instagram easier and more convenient for users. With the help of these tags, users can easily get redirected to the brand’s official account or website and buy their preferred products in no time. This helps brands and businesses increase their website traffic and sales. 


  • Data Analytics Feature

Last but not least, Instagram has an in-app feature for Instagram analytics tools. With the help of this tool, influencers or public accounts, owners can easily keep tabs on their follower’s user behavior, preferred content, and areas to work on. 


How Can App Developers Create An Application Like Instagram?

The statistical reports and research have shown that  Instagram is one of the most used applications nowadays, with 2 billion active users, and the predictions of this number growing in the future are also higher. There are developers in the industry who often wonder how to create a mobile application similar to Instagram. 

Though we will not go into the depths of the procedure, we will still review some points or guidelines that can help mobile app developers working for a mobile app development company or privately. 


  • Designing A Plan Of Action

The first step includes designing the plan of action that will be followed throughout the developmental process. This plan of action consists of the following points: 


  • Defining the goal, objectives, and target audience for your app 
  • Conducting market research for competitor analysis and observation of user behavior 
  • Selecting a monetization strategy, a platform of deployment, the operating system of the application, and a developmental team
  • Fixing important deadlines
  • Making sure the tech stack of the application is decided and available
  • Fixing a budget for the development of mobile applications, etc


  • Creating A Prototype Of The Application

Before starting with the development of an application, developers are recommended to create a prototype of the application they want to create. A prototype works as a sample of the final product that you have in mind. There are many types of prototypes that are utilized at the beginning, middle, or end of the creation process. 

With the help of the prototype, you will be able to understand and make others understand what kind of product you need and eliminate any errors in the initial stages as well. 


  • Beginning With The Developmental Procedure

Once your prototype is successfully created, it is time to begin the development of your application. This procedure includes creating and managing many aspects of the mobile application, like:

  • Front-end technicalities. 
  • Back-end technicalities. 
  • UI/UX design of the application 
  • Making codes with the help of the preferred programming language, etc. 


  • Test The Application Before Launching It.

Once developers have a final product for their mobile application, it is necessary to test the application as many times as required. The reason for doing this is to detect any errors and bugs and fix them before the launch of the application in the market. 

  • Maintenance After Deployment

The work and responsibility of mobile app developers do not end after creating a functional application. A good and responsible mobile app development company will always offer post-deployment services in this regard.  They have to put constant efforts into keeping an eye on the functionality and upgradation of the app to maintain it at all costs and build positive customer relationships. 


How Much Does It Cost To Make An Instagram-Like Application?

The biggest factor or concern that appears while developing an application like Instagram is the cost that the whole process of creation will demand. Hence, we all know that Instagram is not just a simple application with fewer features and users. It is pretty evident that the cost criteria are also heavy for such kinds of social media app development services. 

However, the cost and application highly depend on the type of application that you are aiming to create and the time duration that the creation requires. If the application has many features like Instagram and similar kinds of functionality, it will automatically increase the cost. On the other hand, an application that begins with these features might cost less than the former situation. 

A rough estimation that has been given by professionals regarding the development of an Instagram-like application is between 30,000% and 500,000 dollars, respectively. In some cases, it has also been recommended to keep the budget estimation of $650,000 in mind. 

In the upcoming sections of the article, we will be discussing some important factors that will help you understand the reason behind such increased pricing criteria for an Intsa-like app. 


Formulation Of Costing Requirements For Applications Like Instagram

While creating an application like Instagram, companies most often have a formula to define the pattern behind their app development procedure and cost. This formulation includes the product of two factors, namely, hours of development and hourly rate. 

From the abovementioned equation, it becomes easier for us to understand the criteria a company follows for social media app development services. In other words, a company will have a fixed rate per hour, and depending on the type of app features and functionality, the price will increase as the hours for development increase. 


What Is The Alternative To Developing An Instagram-Like App In The Beginning?

Sometimes, mobile app developers working privately, companies, and businesses cannot afford the cost to make an app like Instagram. However, they do have an amazing working product in mind, but the rising prices make it impossible for them to increase their budget and execute their idea properly. 

In such cases or situations, it is recommended to consider developing an MVP for the application you have in mind. An MVP is the short form of a minimally viable product. This product, or MVP, will help developers and companies create a mobile app that has a functional and attractive UI/UX design. Still, the number of features is less compared to that of a proper Instagram-like application. An MVP’s development helps in the following ways: 

  • It saves half the cost of developmental procedures. 
  • It helps developers create the app without making an exact replica that might cause copyright issues. 
  • It gives you time to update the application and add new features. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to develop and launch an app like Instagram on the market. 


Factors That Influence The Cost Of Instagram-Like App Development

In the last section of the article, we will be providing a list of factors that influence or have an impact on the cost to make an app like Instagram. 

  • The UI/UX design of the application. 
  • The platform of deployment for the mobile application. 
  • The choice of mobile app development company for assistance. 
  • The kind of tech stack requirements that go into production. 
  • And lastly, the number of features added to the app and the time required to create the app. 


To Sum Up: How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Instagram?
As much as it is quite costly to make an app like Instagram, there is no doubt that the fame and usability of the application itself are remarkable. The reason why people want to create a similar application in and of itself is proof of how well the app is doing in the market. If you have a similar app idea but no resources to kickstart it, it is high time to connect yourself with the top-quality and leading company, Celect Studios, to avail of their mobile app development services in no time.

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