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Ideas For Game Development for Future Entrepreneurs and Startups

Game development is the most fruitful app domain for technopreneurs and developers. The number of gaming apps and advanced games is increasing by a considerable number, and so is the competition; as the demand for games increases, so does the demand for new game developers increase. With newly generated concepts, game owners are climbing towards cloud gaming, cross-platform usage, and high-resolution graphics. These advanced technological integrations are creating innovation in the exciting gaming industry. Gamers still suggest the distinction in gaming content is the only factor that is helping achieve high growth, profitability, and competitive advantage. 

Developing a game is a basic process that involves character-making and audio delivery, etc. The most important part of a game is to take care of game mechanics and the engagement of players. A lot of games revolving around the gaming world are prominent because of the rewards and level design. Gamers these days are looking for NFTs as gaming rewards. It means while creating a game, sometimes it’s important to create NFT rewards that a gamer can purchase or sell. 

Developing Mobile Games

Developing mobile games is as exciting as playing the game in order to create a powerful and adventurous game app for mobile; you must have in-depth knowledge of the market in which the game will be floating. You’ll need to work on game concepts, implement app store optimization tactics and grow your games with user tactics. Mobile game engines have a number of features that will make the development method more easy and specified for Android and iOS users. 

Celect Studios offers iOS game development services at their best; hire an iOS game developer who will help you choose a direction and niche that will help in boating your brand and help you make your mobile game a name for itself in the gaming market.

Our key points in iOS game development services that we provide are solid technical knowledge and an excellent focus on player trends and requirements, paired with the expectation of the worldly gaming market. We offer timely, innovative, relevant solutions to increase player engagement and reach a large number of game downloads to fulfill the requirements of player trends.

Engines Used To Develop Games

Game engine provides developers with a range of tools and numerous functions to create interactive experiences and engaging characters. Game engines help developers add creativity to the programming of a game. Engines make the development process quicker and give more time for developers to focus on story building and the interaction of objects. Some best game engines that developers use are: 

  1. Unreal engine
  2. Unity 3D
  3. GameMaker 
  4. Godot
  5. AppGameKit
  6. CryEngine
  7. Amazon lumberyard 
  8. RPG Maker
  9. LibGDX
  10. Urho3D

Let’s Begin With Game Development Ideas

Augmented Reality, And Virtual Reality-Based Games

Games based on augmented reality are based on the environment with real landscapes overlapping the reality of the world with artificial objects, which are enhanced by 3D. Virtual reality has a light touch of augmented reality but is a bit more advanced than augmented reality, where users can experience artificial environments in real time. Developers use AR and VR both as super-refined applications for graphics motions. Keeping the points in mind that anything can be created or any idea or imaginary character can come to life with AR and VR technology is why these technologies are the most demanded technologies in the world of gaming. Some ideas based on AR and VR technology are jungle-themed games, Healthcare games, and Zombie games.

Play To Earn Games 

Play-to-earn games are mostly called P2E games in the gaming industry, where gamers are rewarded with a monetary value either in the real world or the virtual world. These rewards may include gifts, vouchers, digital downloads, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The play time of these games is more and has a popularity rating due to their monetary benefits and rewards. Some ideas based on P2E are NFT games, crypto games, cash-based games, lottery games, and gift card games. 

Story Games 

Story games are basically role-playing games where players are assigned a role. Afterward, they have a choice of changing their character, provided with different actions for every situation brought toward the gamer. In simple words, the players create a story of their own by making different choices for their characters. Story games bring a lot of choices to the game menu, from character choosing to decision-making. Some examples are mystery story games, dramatic story games, and real-world character gaming.

Sports Games 

Sports games inherit a large amount of niche as people are more addicted to watching sports, and they like playing sports even more. There are mobile apps that are turning powerful profits with sports game applications. The top ideas for sports games are bowling, cricket, hockey, football, and archery.

Investment Games 

Game applications are based on complex trading and portfolio management concepts. The target players invest money in the game and will become real investors in the future. If you wish to create a platform that teaches beginners the basics of advanced trading in an interactive interface, there are some games like crypto investment, stock exchange, and real estate. 

Animal Racing Games 

This type of gaming includes cute rabbits and pet animals like cats and dogs racing for their food or pets racing. Cute animals are attractive to most young players, like kids, as they link cute characters with pets at home or stuffed toys they spend time with; animal games allow them to see these adorable animals living and running, which makes the game more attractive and links itself with player attention. 

Smart Watch Games

Wearable devices are fewer in numbers, but game developers have started realizing the potential in this area; smartwatches are actually at the front. If you want to make accessible, quick, and changeable apps, you can put your money into logic and real-time strategy games like the most trending Infinity Loop. 

Mental Health Games 

Mobile apps are involved in decreasing the gap between healthcare demands and services. One most important branch of healthcare is mental health. Apps and games that are calming and relaxing create another dimension for people facing lots of problems in this world. 

Fantasy And Sci-Fi Games 

Sci-Fi and fantasy games are the most widely popular app niche, and that’s why layers of different ages and mindsets tend to play fantasy games; these new game ideas of fantasy and sci-fi will surely interest you. Some examples of fantasy games are Exiled Kingdoms and Battle Chaser.

Arcade Game

Arcade games are most popular for their controls, simple game concepts, quick rewards, and a player who keeps progressing. Additionally, they are appropriate for audiences of all ages and interests. The most popular arcade games are car racing games, bowling, and board games.

Top Performing Games On Google Play Store

  1. Subway Surfers is the top-ranking app that is listed in the category of arcade and was developed by SYBO Games studio.
  2. Stumble Guys is second on the ranking list; it’s an action game and was developed by Kitka Games.
  3. Candy Crush Saga is a casual game created by King developers and is third in the ranking.
  4. Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day is an action game developed by Garena International, which ranks fourth.
  5. Ludo King is a board game developed by Gametion developers, which has fifth place in the ranking. 
  6. GT Car Stunts 3D-Car Games is a racing game developed by Zego Global Publishing and ranks sixth.
  7. Roblox is an adventure game created by Roblox Corporation. It is an action game ranking seventh in line. 
  8. Garena Free Fire MAX is an action game initiated by Garena International.
  9. Save the Doge is a puzzle game developed by wonder group and has the ninth rank.
  10. Stick Hero: Mighty tower wars is also a casual game and is created by Rocket Game Studio, ranking tenth. 

Increasing the popularity and reach of your game

You must keep in mind that the success of your games depends on the download ratio you generate and the player audience you will create with the perfection of your game. Without downloads and user reach, your game can not progress or evolve. Market research is an essential step in reaching your target audience and searching for features your target market is looking for.

The most important point to keep in mind is; when your game is developed, the gaming dimension needs to find it. If you require your game to be installed and played by many people and reach as many players as it can, then you need to push it to app stores properly, manage it, promote it, and use techniques to grow its popularity. 

Celect Studios is the best game app development company. Our developers help optimize many gaming applications by conducting solid market research and help in guiding paid promotions. 

Protecting Your Game’s Idea

Worried about game copyrights? Don’t worry. We got it handled at Celect Studios, a top-ranking game development company offering advanced solutions.  

Getting A Patent For Your Game

Getting your game patented will protect its basic model from being copied. The concept created for your game is unique, which is solely yours; that is why it must be patented. In this way, anyone from your team or co-workers, if they try to make their own version using your game’s idea, will be in violation of your patent, and you could take them to court. 


The game you’ve created using your creativity, time, and skills has an actual expression of your data, and game design copyrights protect the original expression of the gaming data. You can register your copyrights officially by enrolling with the United States Copyright Office and can also have legal protection for your game.


A game’s logo is very important to create because it is the key to identifying and differentiating your game from others; depending on your state, you will have to check with the trademark office to find out what protection your state is offering for your trademark. 

Company Trade Secrets

A trade secret of a company is information that is created to stay confidential. But if the employee leaves and tries to use your information and secrets in the market, they will be in violation of the law, depending on your state’s legal system. 

Key Platforms For Game Development


We are using techniques to create and pull out tests before launching the most addicting and popular Andriod games. Most smartphone carriers are Android users; this is the main reason for games being developed on Android systems.  


Games developed for iOS offer high-quality mechanics and fast UI designs with stunning features that are attractive to play and vibrant for gamers worldwide. 


The layout of the game development is designed to be cross-platform supported so that created games can be played on several computing platforms. Cross-platform games can run on both Android and iOS. 

Game Development Services

Developing a game requires a lot of experience in the game industry so that games created can be engaging and help to impress the players to stand out in the gaming market. When clients need assistance with their projects, they expect to receive timely updates for their game apps. Dedicated developers generate the most daring ideas to put your game in the gaming market and have the best popularity ratings. Gaming developers create game structures that allow games and their content to scale up by conducting a complete analysis before launching the game. They try their level best to post regular updates to keep players connected, and they are focused on incorporating challenging levels in the game to create hype in the gaming world. 

Celect Studios’ teams have advanced and delicate approaches for all projects to develop attractive games using live animations and engaging assets that will keep players immersed for hours. We are a game development company that runs quality assurance tests and matches all the required parameters. provide full support for the game even after its release; we track the feedback of the game and monitor player behavior. We put our efforts into fixing bugs, and we try our best to improve gameplay based on players and their feedback.

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