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How To Create An Educational App: Features, Benefits, And Cost

The education system has been modified excessively in the past few years. Initially, education was based on writing notes, neat lectures, and timely assignments. Nowadays, education depends on networking, feasibility, creativity, and mobility. The education zone has gained the third rank in the mobile app development category. Due to rapid advancement, users can learn and research any information anytime, anywhere. Because of sudden changes in learning, the educational industry is rising daily. It has become a part of worthy companies focusing on online learning and training platforms by utilizing e-learning application developments.

Suppose you want to progress in the developmental world of advanced learning and want to become an aspiring entrepreneur. In that case, this guide provided by Celect Studios, known as the best education app developmental company, is all about helping you develop an educational app and how to deal with the statistics of its industry. 

All About Educational App

An educational app is the most widespread software that benefits remote learning and training users. In the early days, there were limited resources and no concept of learning online. But with the fast-moving world and advancement of technology, e-learning application development has taken over. Since then, education and learning have become hassle-free. Students from all over the world can learn at any time. 

Educational app development and its advanced technology have created endless opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in the industry. It allows enterprises to level up their business to a higher level.  Educational apps are used for academic and professional purposes; for example, a company wants to train its employees through educational apps and provide accurate coaching by integrating e-learning into its organizational environment. Educational app development companies are developing high-quality and budget-friendly apps to facilitate educational institutions. These applications help institutions save money which can be utilized elsewhere.

Benefits Of E-Learning Application Development

The education sector has seen massive growth in recent years. It became possible due to the rapid acceleration of technology. Individuals can access any learning platform and abstract material from their smartphones. Some benefits of e-learning application development are mentioned below:

Flexibility And Resilience

The most significant reason for having education apps are portability and adjustability. Due to these unique reasons, users can learn quickly without hassle. They can know anything at any time and any part of the day. Whether the user is traveling or has traveled from one country to another, e-learning apps will allow them to excel in the relevant subject with a click on their smartphone. Users can attend lectures and make research related to any topic with ease.

Captivatingly User-Focused

Other reasons for utilizing e-learning apps are that they are more engaging and user-focused. Individuals are more attracted to creating images and eye-catching content than simple text. Numerous e-learning apps comply with creativity and engagement through quiz activities and inspiring graphics. Educational apps help students learn effortlessly and memorize quickly through flash notifications as reminders for exceptionally professional learners,  to let them stay connected to their learning material. Learning apps are user-friendly and draw attention to learning quickly. 

Compensating Time

The utilization of e-learnings apps is increasing because it is time-saving. There is no need to travel to your institutes to take lectures. Individuals save travel time with a swipe on the phone. Education apps help students to get rid of note-taking and help to pull material for the assigned subject selected by the user. Many mobile educational applications are available, Like flash card games, dictionary apps, language learning apps, and math problem-solving apps. E-learning apps save time and offer different learning techniques. 

Budget Friendly

We live in a world where inflation is reaching its heights, and educational apps are a significant investment because learning apps cost you less than accommodating a tutor. Several private tuitions and student task apps on the app stores offer extraordinary features and performances. But learning apps are simple and convenient to use. You can use them with a tap on the app icon and get detailed explanations of the topics that you choose in a blink of an eye.

Available All The Time

Those days are gone when only time-bound learning was the only option, and student attendance in the school and colleges was compulsory. Attending everyday lectures and educational programs was essential; this inconvenience of reaching your classroom on time and strict policies made many students drop out of colleges and universities. Because in today’s world, students have jobs along with their studies. They manage both together and need lectures that are available all the time. Educational apps have made life easier for individuals who are doing jobs along with their studies by giving them a chance to take lectures whenever they want, wherever they want.

Promoting Individualized Learning

Each student is different in their way, and they have different learning styles. Some learners are fast; others are not so much. Some depend on visual aid to understand stuff; others require practical stimulation. An educational app is developed to cater types of learners. These applications also encourage independent learning, where students can learn without a supervisor and take full responsibility for educating themselves. 

Creating An Educational App?

To create an educational app, you must have complete information and an understanding o the mobile application development process interlinked with e-learning processes. Let’s shed light on the step-by-step process of creating an educational app. 

Plan Your App

There are multiple educational app development ideas revolving around the e-learning market. It is essential to decide on an ideal strategy for your application. Start your search for an idea by listing what unique features and functions you will launch in your app to make you a focal point in the market. Then target your audience and create your niche. On the other hand, think about the programming languages your app will be based on. Strategizing and brainstorming your app will help you analyze how your app will look and perform. 

Comprehensive Market Research

Performing market research will save you from taking risks. Before diving into the market, have a complete investigation and analyze the market before putting a full stop to your education app’s idea. Market scrutiny helps you understand your target customer’s problems and desired solutions that eventually help you create an application to fit the customers’ requirements. You’ll be able to understand different revenue generation models and strategies. New market trends and technologies can only be identified by a comprehensive inquiry. The need for your e-learning application to stand out and thrive can only be understood by detailed market analysis and exploration. 

Swot Analysis

Yes, by now, we know that market analysis is the most crucial part of app development, but the question that arrives is,” How will you conduct the market research?” A Swot analysis will be the best option for conducting thorough market research for e-learning applications. Swot analysis is a tool that can help you to analyze where your application stands and where it will stand in the near future keeping all the external factors of the market intact. Swot can also unfold the areas of the business that might be holding you back. It also examines what competitors can exploit if you do not protect yourself. Swot analysis evaluates and grips on both internal and external factors of your educational app development company. If these factors are prominent, your response to any obstacle will be clear and identified soon. 

Features And Functions

Check your competitor’s apps and websites and search for what unique and compelling features they are providing. Keep a keen eye on app stores and check different educational apps. Carefully observe the comment sections and look into what customers are looking for. Some most required features that a mobile educational application usually has are: 

  • Screen recording
  • Gamification
  • 2D/3D Lectures
  • Push notification
  • Offline resources and access
  • In-app discussion and group char facility 
  • Live class features
  • Sharing media files options
  • Dashboard for users
  • Audio and video-based content
  • Tracking progress feature

App Development Platforms

After discovering the features and functions comes the party about the platform you’ll utilize android, iOS, or cross-platform. 

An educational app is used by users all over the world. Your app should run on multiple gadgets and platforms. Remember the stipulated time frame, geographic location, challenges and complexity, and your budget and developers’ skillset. 

Select A Educational App Development Company

The next step is searching for a reliable educational app development company. You will always want to maintain your project. Look for a company that will provide you with a top-notch application and deliver your project timely. Only some companies offer both iOS and Android platform structures for rapid development. You’ll need to put effort into searching for the right company. 

Launch Your Educational Application

Once you are done with shortlisting the best educational app development company, the next step is to release your app in the market. And for this step, you’ll have to take the help of a marketing company that will help you through numerous marketing options, from social media to press releases. The marketing company will help you create websites and landing pages to increase your audience. Do not let your e-learning app get lost in space. Choose the best marketing firms that have complete research on it. 

How Much Does It Cost During The Development of An Educational App

There is no accurate answer to this question. Guessing the cost of developing an educational app depends on different dimensions. Some of them are 

  • The app’s concept
  • The targeted audience and no of platforms 
  • Features and functionalities
  • Challenges and technicalities involved
  • Your budget and time-frame
  • Developer’s technical skillset
  • Global presence and years of experience that developers have

Major Factors Affecting The Cost

The significant factors that affect your cost for application development are mentioned below:

Features Added In The Educational Application Development

Your app’s idea complexity is directly proportional to the cost, including functions and features you want to integrate into your application. Other than features, it relies on demographics, API combinations, and monetization strategies. The essential cost depends on UI and UX design, general frameworks, and other challenges that come up during the process of development.

Design And Development

The entanglement of an app’s design and development is another factor for the cost fluctuation of an educational app. Designing an app requires a good amount of investment and plenty of time too. But if your educational app is a simple and straightforward design, it will take less time to construct and enhance its uniqueness. But if your application has complicated and diverse design features, it’ll take longer for the designers to construct the application.

Utilized Platforms

IOS, Android, and the Web are the most utilized platforms in mobile applications. Cross-platform is also considered while constructing the app’s platforms. The most recommended platform for educational app development, which is used by learners who are passionate and want to use applications on different gadgets, is cross-platform technology

Professional Involved In Your Project

The individuals involved in your projects impact most of your expenditure. These expert individuals are involved in providing you with well-finished and errorless projects. Individuals involved are:

  • UI/UX designers and developers
  • Project Managers
  • Coordinators and project analysts
  • Coders
  • Testers
  • Support and maintenance service providers
  • Quality assurance individuals.

Trends Of Educational App Development

The e-learning industry was introduced a long time ago, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept hit the spotlight across the globe. The search volume for e-learning has increased by 271% in these five years. This industry is used as a bargaining chip for technologies like smartphones, the Internet, Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and many more to expand its global coverage and make education more accessible.

The e-learning industry evolves new trends that keep influencing the entire e-learning app development market. Some of the basic trends that are transforming the education sector are given below:

  • Gamification

The most attractive and engaging way of presenting learning content is to gamify everything in the app. In e-learning and traditional learning process, both processes get engaged through gamification. It is gamified to make the learning experience more playful and rewarding. Blending e-learning and entertainment together makes students more interested in learning any subject. Some common examples of gamification are puzzles, quizzes, etc. 

  • AR/ VR Applications

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two technologies that are shifting learning into a more interactive experience. Educators are primarily creating virtual and augmented content for learners to use. Google Translate is an example of a program that can translate text recorded from your camera in real time. Using VR technology, users can view and learn content with the use of virtual environments. With the aid of augmented reality, users can play interactive educational games and learn at the same time. 

  • AI-Based Learning

AI and machine learning processes are used to make the utilization of e-learning apps more innovative and productive. With the help of deep learning, educators can train apps to track the learning patterns of a learner, and then the machine can personalize the learning process for them. These technologies are used in educational apps, which are strengthening weaker sections of the learning cycle.

  • AI Chatbots

Chatbots are getting smarter and faster with each passing day. With the help of technologies like AI, chatbots are now able to offer better performance, personalization, and understanding to app users. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa also play a vital role in our daily lives. They made our lives easier and advanced at the same time. This technology allows users to convert their lectures into chats and text, providing them with a new learning experience. 

Time Taken To Build An Educational App Development Project

The average time to create an application with research, design, and development is around 7 to 12 months. A smaller app will take a shorter time to execute as compared to a more extensive app. This means the time to complete any mobile application depends on your app’s features and unique spots that differentiate you from other applications. It is concluded that the app development timeline differs. Developing an app requires patience and flexibility. Developing an app can be lengthy and can have unanticipated situations too. Stay in touch with your developer and app development team for timely updates.


In today’s digital age, educational app is the cherry on top of the education industry. E-learning is becoming essential day by day. An educational app is a game changer, from increasing student engagement to providing a more personalized learning experience. Board a ship to explore more hidden treasures of educational app development with Celect Studios. Brighten up your education curriculum by joining hands with our expert education app developers. We provide perfect solutions by providing well-designed e-learning apps to make learning fun and interactive. Our development services are budget-friendly without compromising quality. As a business owner, you surely want to maintain the essence of your application. Our experts will handle your project needs efficiently and deliver your project on time.  Connect with our experienced and professional team of app developers, discuss your app ideas, and get started.

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