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5 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Apps of 2023 [Discover Your Famous Twin]

Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Aniston? You probably didn’t know the extent of your resemblance with celebrities. Up till now, that is. Celebrities are like role models because they enjoy the status of being famous due to their music, acting, or other expertise. Celebrity Look Alike Apps use face recognition technology and machine learning which analyze facial features like hair, skin tone, eyes, etc., to match your appearance with celebrities. You will probably be like, ‘I can get famous too’ and maybe even appear in public places with even more celebrity appearance details, which is a trait of maniacs. But people do it. For example, soccer players’ lookalikes get their hair done exactly like their famous twins and try to fool the public by giving fake autographs for more likes on social media or striking commercial deals. Have you ever watched an NBA game or Ice Hockey match? Some people in attendance are shown their celebrity twins on the big screen for entertainment purposes, and boy, they don’t disappoint. Similarly, the same process is done by apps so that you can enjoy the same piece of entertainment in the palm of your hand and discover your celebrity twin. There are many look-alike apps available on the internet these days, but we have chosen 5 of the best and shared some details about them:

google-play-social-media app


Gradient is one of the leading photo editor applications currently existing. Along with the editing feature, it also has the ‘look alike’ feature, which is why it has made it into this list. The best thing about this app is data safety. You simply upload a picture, and AI will do the rest to match your face with the closest celebrity twin. And that’s not it. Gradient also has beautification techniques that make your face more pretty and give you a beauty score. That’s what most people want. A rating for the extent of their beauty. Simply incredible. People might argue that the results shown by Gradient are not as exact as they should be. But this is not the truth. Gradient is one of the most accurate apps that produce stunning results. It also has a massive closet of hair collages so that editing can be smooth as possible. Once you know which celebrity you resemble, you can even share it with other people, which can be your friends or relatives. This app has a 4+ rating on both Android and iOS platforms.


Another app that provides accurate results is Celebs. Like its name, Celebs compare your picture after you upload it with famous people worldwide. This app works on the machine learning model to identify the expressions and emotions in a picture. The best thing about Celebs App is that it focuses on the emotions of the person too. Impressive, no? Now if you have a picture of yourself that someone clicked while you were shedding tears (LOL), that will be matched with a picture of a celebrity in which they are feeling emotional. Like Gradient, with Celebs, you can share the end result with friends on Snapchat or Instagram. By the way, it incorporates machine learning and facial recognition as the basic technology. The beauty score option is also available and generated by AI technology so that you can see where you stand. But we are talking about celebrity look-alikes over here. So, the next time you want to know whether you could be Dwayne Johnson’s (not biological, of course) twin, download the Celebs app. This app also has a 4+ rating on both app stores.

Star by Face

Another app that makes it to this list is Star by Face. This app is available on both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. This app also uses facial recognition technology to scan through the faces in the picture and provides the closest celebrity twin there is. Data privacy is one of the top traits of Star by Face, which means if you click a selfie, it won’t be saved on the servers. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the pixels. What do we mean? Well, the resolution of the pictures is absolutely incredible—no low-quality images. To put the icing on the cake, the database consists of thousands of celebrities, so a ditto copy of yourself is guaranteed. This app is very user-friendly, so you won’t have to do much hard work to comprehend the app’s functions and ‘environment.’ Now, if you want to dive deeper into the look-alike world, you can purchase more features through in-app purchases. One thing which might be disturbing is the advertisements. No one likes to be disturbed while in the process of finding which celebrity’s ditto copy you are. Advertisements might get in the way, but not for too long, so this app is pretty good overall.


Y-Star app is another celebrity doppelganger app available on iOS and Android platforms. The best part about this app is that it works within seconds. Once you download this app, you have to open the front camera through this app and wait for HD results. Age, gender, and any scar do not matter, as this app does not care about these things. The technology used by this app is facial point identification which analyzes facial points that, include eyes, nose, and mouth for face mapping. The app has an impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating on the App Store. One thing which stands out about this app is that it doesn’t distinguish between genders. At the same time, the other celebrity lookalike apps do distinguish. The images’ quality, generating speed, and additional features make it one of the best find-out-celebrity-twin apps in the market. Custom cross-platform app development services here at Celect Studios are available to get your celebrity look alike apps. One thing is for sure, when you will get to know that you look so similar to your favorite celebrity, then your excitement level will be higher than the Alps. There is one such case of a soccer player Neymar. His lookalike named Fred has gained popularity due to his resemblance with Neymar. He was once given access to the football pitch, where only the players and officials are allowed. He made a total fool of the security personnel who even clicked pictures with him, posing, not knowing that it was, in fact a doppelganger of Neymar.


Very easy to operate! That’s what people say about this efficient app known as Looky. When it comes to user experience, this is one of the best apps related to lookalike matching. But what is so special about Looky, which other apps do not have? This app lets you take another round after the first selfie if unsatisfied. It will scan your face, match it with the many celebrity faces in the database, and provide staggering results.

Furthermore, there is a sharing option which means you can share the results with your friends and family. Looky has all the features which a good celebrity twinning app should have. Just like its fancy name, the results of this extraordinary app are special and up to the mark. Many die-hard fans of celebrities go crazy over them. They get the faces of celebrities tattooed on their body, and if it’s a music artist, they know the lyrics of every song. The attachment to their idols is simply too much, so imagine how much joy they will feel after knowing they actually look like them. If you talk about the USA alone, there are more than 307 million smartphone owners in the country. This tells us that if you create an app, you’re doing business in the right direction.

In a Nutshell

With so many fancy apps out there which are crossing all limits, not in that sense but in a good way. We mean to say the creativity and imagination of the app developers are awe-inspiring. The competition is sky-high when it comes to app development. And why won’t it be? There are so many smartphone owners in the world right now; without apps, life is incomplete. Celebrities are those people who have a firm place in the minds of people. Some people even worship celebrities with tattoos on their bodies and posters in their rooms. Just like Eminem’s song ‘Stan’. It is a perfect music video to show how much celebrities have a place in people’s lives. The point of mentioning this is that people’s joy when they know they look like a celebrity is too much. Celebrities are rich, too, so that is another point. If you’re looking to develop a celebrity lookalike app, contact us by visiting Celect Studios. We are sure our developed app will be better than any of the abovementioned ones. Hire Android app developers right now if you wish to kickstart your celebrity twinning app career. The scope is extra big since the craze of selfies is too much around the globe. With more than 307 million smartphone users in the US, the number of people who take selfies is huge. So hiring an app developer to make a picture app is one of the best decisions one can make in today’s time.

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