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5 Best AI Tools To Make Money In 2024 & So On

Digitization and technological evolution have transformed the way human beings spend their lives. With each passing day, a new kind of tech invention is launched in the market, aiming to facilitate a wide variety of tasks for individuals and industrial sectors. In this article, we will be focusing on one such tech development known as artificial intelligence (AI). We will focus on various topics, like what AI is, how it works, and a list of AI tools to make money effectively. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology: What Is It?

AI is defined as a computer program created to perform human-like tasks.  In other words, consider AI as a system that has been programmed to carry out tasks that human brains are capable of or normally individuals would do without in their daily routine. For instance, the vast field of AI technology and its sub-branches are capable of doing difficult tasks, including image recognition, data analysis, communication, face recognition, important decision-making, and a lot more.

Understanding The Working Mechanism Behind Artificial Intelligence (AI)

After reviewing the definition of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we will now focus on the working methodology behind this technology. 

The special fact or feature of AI technology is that it does not require human assistance after the initial phase of training. The first step to making the sub-branches or various types of AI tools like generative AI, machine learning, robotics, etc., is to install them with data from various resources. After data installation, these systems are trained on the data through human intervention. The purpose of training is to make sure that after some time, AI algorithms and tools will automate the task without human assistance, and in this way, artificial intelligence (AI) does what it has been made for, which is carrying out tasks like a normal human being would. 

What Are The Best AI Tools That Can Make Money in 2023?

Now that we have explored the definition of AI technology as well as how it works, we will focus on five AI tools to make money. These tools are mentioned in the list below. 

  • AI Tool No. 1: Scribe. 
  • AI Tool No. 2: Boomy. 
  • AI Tool No. 3: Reface. 
  • AI Tool No. 4: Jasper AI. 
  • AI Tool No. 5: Descript.  


  • AI Tool No. 1: Scribe

The first AI tool to make money worth mentioning is known as Scribe. It is a well-known extension of Chrome that allows users to take courses, masterclasses, tutorials, and other kinds of learning materials. In order to make money with Scribe, an individual can easily make money by producing and selling online courses, providing content production services, partnering with businesses, or monetizing channels or blogs. 


  • AI Tool No. 2: Boomy 

Next in line is Boomy, which is an AI tool or platform that allows users to create music. This original music creation can help users earn money in various ways, including constructing a portfolio, producing and selling music, providing services for music production and composition, etc.


  • AI Tool No. 3: Reface

Reface is yet another unique and innovative tool on the list of AI tools to make money. This tool allows users to create and edit videos in many ways, which helps them earn money by providing their video creation services to companies or businesses, producing and selling video content, and monetizing their content in the right way. 


  • AI Tool No. 4: Jasper AI 

It is impossible not to include Jasper AI in the list of the best AI tools to make money in 2023. This tool is known to be the greatest tool of all time for creative writing. With Jasper AI, users can now generate original content for both short and long articles and create money by providing content writing services, monetizing blogs, and selling articles. 

Some amazing features of Jasper AI include:

  1. The built-in wizards in Jasper allow users to create a variety of content types.
  2. You can also utilize Jasper Chat, which has a toggle switch for Google Search responsible for creating content using the most recent Google data as a result.
  3.  Lastly, Jasper AI also allows users to generate AI images within the platform. 
  • AI Tool No. 5: Descript

Lastly, we have Descript on the list of AI tools to make money effectively. This tool is beneficial for creating and editing podcast videos and movies. It allows users to earn money through the monetization of content on different platforms, establishing a portfolio, selling or editing video and podcast material, and providing transcription services.

What Are Some Practical Applications Of AI Tools To Make Money?

In this section of the article, we will focus on discussing the practical applications of AI tools to make money correctly.

  • Written Content Creation 
  • App Development
  • Digital Artwork
  • Reviewing Books 
  • Website Development


  • Written Content Creation

The first beneficial way to implement the use of AI tools to make money is by creating written content for various resources. In this regard, a person can have access to different AI tools like Jasper AI, ChatGPT, etc. to write content for articles, social media posts, marketing, sales copy, ebooks, and a lot more. In other words, there is no limit to the type of content that can be created with the help of generative AI tools and other sub-branches of this technology. 

Once you master the skills of written content creation, you can easily provide your services to different agencies, create your own blog page and monetize your content, get paid by working as a freelancer, or enter the field of content creation by establishing your own agency. 


  • App Development 

The second practical implementation of AI tools to make money is seen in the field of app development. With the help of AI tools and algorithms, people are developing functional as well as visually appealing mobile applications. As a beginner, this is a great chance to get assistance from these tools for your app’s reference.

You might be wondering, after developing the app, how you will make money. Well, an app owner can easily monetize their app by charging users for premium subscriptions for some services or opting for in-app ads to make money. An amazing AI tool to make mobile apps is known as Builder.ai, which focuses on putting the entire app development together and producing beneficial results.


  • Digital Artwork

Creating art is a process that takes a massive amount of time and effort to get perfect. However, with AI, you can make digital art without compromising on the quality or detailing of the art piece, but how does it work to make money? 

With the help of AI tools, anyone can now write prompts that generate images. You might utilize tools like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney to create digital artwork in no time. In order to make money, a user can opt for multiple options like creating NFTs of your artwork and selling them, using AI to create memes that you can profit from, and last but not least, turning the artwork into physical or tangible goods that they can sell, like t-shirts, wall decor, etc.

  • Create Online Courses

With the digital transformation in today’s era, consumers often look for convenient and effective ways of doing their tasks. Just like that, people are now finding platforms that provide online courses regarding various topics that would help them acquire knowledge by sitting at home. 

In this regard, a user can easily utilize AI tools to make money by developing online courses that they can sell. There is no limitation on topics or genres, as AI enables people to create detailed courses on many topics, including how to use AI as well. ChatGPT is the most preferred tool by users to establish courses as well as brainstorm ideas. 

  • Website Development

Last but not least, we have website development in this list, which allows individuals to create visually appealing and smoothly working websites for different purposes. In this regard, a person can make money by making websites for clients, or they can make a website for their own business and monetize it by including advertisements, subscription sales, or affiliated marketing. With the help of AI tools like Wix.com, anyone can develop a professional-looking website.

What Are the Types and Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology?

In the last section of the article, we will quickly go through a list of AI Types and AI branches. It is important to remember that here we are talking about two different categories: the first is types of AI technology, which are broadly divided into two classes, and the second is branches of AI, which are known as sub-categories of AI and serve various unique purposes. 

  • Types Of Artificial Technology (AI) Technology1) Artificial Intelligence Based On Functionalities
  • Reactive Machines.
  • Limited Memory.
  • Theory of Mind.
  • Self-awareness.


 2)Artificial Intelligence Based On Capabilities

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence.
  • General Artificial Intelligence.
  • Super Artificial Intelligence.


  • Branches Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  1. Generative AI. 
  2. Machine Learning. 
  3. Fuzzy Logic. 
  4. Robotics. 
  5. Beta Character AI. 
  6. Deep Learning (DL).
  7. Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  8. Computer Vision.
  9. Cognitive Computing.
  10. Data Mining.

To Wrap Up – Can You Make Money With AI?

After reading this article, you might be able to answer this question yourself. AI technology is highly accessible as well as beneficial not only for businesses and companies but also for individuals who are looking forward to making money efficiently and effectively. With the help of various AI tools like Beta Character AI Jasper AI, AI Image Enlarger, etc., you can now easily select the one that fulfills your goals in a creative way and start your journey of AI creation. Or you can also take the help of professionals from Celect Studios to guide you in transforming your dreams into reality.

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