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20 Best Offline iPhone Games in 2024

Games on your phone and having access to a device that is handy and solves all your problems are indeed fun and entertaining. Sure, internet games have several options for you to choose from, and you can play as many games as you want with a single search, but wouldn’t it be even more fun when you wouldn’t need an internet connection to play a game? iOS is an old friend when it comes to offering the best offline iPhone game applications at your service.

iPhone mobile game development has some adventures to unlock, so you can explore the best iPhone offline games in 2024. Everyone demands a multi-player experience that is easily accessible on the Apple Play Store—yes, an enthralling multi-player experience without an internet connection. So, let’s get to the point and explore the best offline iPhone games in 2024. 

List of 20 Offline iPhone Games 

There is a wide range of the best offline iPhone games free on the platforms, with multi-player capability and many features to unlock when you get and experience the best user interface and experience. iPhone gaming applications have always been popular because they provide offline games, and many players have a history of experience with the games. 

Choosing what game to play can be confusing, given the many options and varieties that an iOS app development company has to offer, whether it is a gaming application or a social app. The iPhone has unlimited options for you to explore. Here are some of the best offline games to play on the iPhone in 2024:

  1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers gives us a hint of nostalgia when we talk about it. Apparently, it’s one of the most favorite and best offline games for iPhones that is extremely fun and simple to play. This game has gained quite a bit of popularity around the world and can be played on both the iPhone and iPad. In a very short time, this game rapidly gained hype, along with other games as well. It is still admired as one of the most entertaining games, with personalized options like changing an outfit, character, or venue. Easily downloaded from the Apple App Store and completely free!

  1. Temple Run

Along with Subway Surfers, Temple Run is also a highly popular iOS gaming application. If you are looking to pass the time and play an entertaining game that keeps you focused on winning the next level, Temple Run is the ideal choice for the best offline games for iPhone. We can find many alternatives for a single game when it comes to iOS; these gaming applications have a huge community because of their enthralling gaming experiences. From kids to teenagers and adults, this game has gotten everyone playing because of its enthusiastic aesthetics and adventurous vibes. 

  • Soul Knight

A free game for iPhone users, Soul Knight has the ability to play the games offline. For anyone who is interested in space games and a fan of fictional games, Soul Knight is the game for you. It includes missions like alien shooting, stone collecting, dungeon exploration, and unlocking new heroes when you win several levels of the game. It also has a capacity of 20 weapons for players to use and an attractive aesthetic that attracts users to play it often. 

  • Siralim 2

This game is in the picture of the old school. If you used to play games with monsters and dungeon-like elements, then Siralim 2 is the perfect match for you. This game is not for fighting the monsters. Instead, it allows you to pick the best monster to fight for you. You can play as the monster and explore dungeons, which is a nice gaming experience because gamers tend to explore the applications and what they offer. The best thing about Siralim? There are no limits to levels, which means users can play the game consistently. 

  • Brothers in Arms

Developed by Gameloft, Brother in Arms is an offline free game application for the iPhone that has a story-like concept. This application has options for a single player to play the game with multiple missions to complete, which keeps the users focused on the game. This single-player game follows the story of fighting the Nazi soldiers, allowing weapons and guns, and upgrading to the next level. This game can be played without needing an internet connection and offers a variety of missions. 

  • Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is available to iPhone and Android users, as well as Windows, etc. This game is about ten years old and evokes the fantasy of a villain. It has a unique mission for players, and the players are supposed to be the villains. All you need to do is infect a single human being and then later successfully infect a whole planet. There are also features like ‘Cure’ for players to use when needed in the game. 

Plague is an old video game that is not available on modern devices, inspired by the movie Contagion. 

  1. Skiing Yeti Mountain

For anyone who is a fan of skiing and snowboarding, Skii Yeti Mountain is the game for you. An offline iPhone game app that has hundreds of levels in the game. This is how you play the game: snowboarding through all the levels, jumping off cliffs, meeting a wide array of NPCs, and finding your Yeti in the quest. Playing this game is more fun when you download it as an app on your iPhone because of its touch controls and gestures. You will have complete control over your snowboarding skills and going through the mountains. Also, a better way to play this game is on an iPad. 

  1. FIFA Soccer 

This is for all the football fans if you want to stream an offline football game. FIFA Soccer is accessible on iOS and Android as well. Making goals and unlocking new levels, and also accessing a multiplayer strategy to make it even more fun. This app is completely free on all platforms and doesn’t require an internet connection. 

  • Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead is a zombie apocalypse gaming application with 60 stages and seven lengthy chapters. It is quite famous for its venue and amazing graphical aesthetics. The game includes the addition of weapons like firearms, explosives, and melee weapons. This game allows you to explore more environments and have unique adventures. 

  • Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

This is also another adventurous game for snowboarding fans, with limitless physical gameplay. You can master the art of playing Alto’s Adventure, a sequel to Alto’s Odyssey. Activision ban appeal is another factor that gives value to this game. This game has unique graphics like rainbows and thunderstorms, minimalist designs, and soothing audio to give off a winter-like vibe. It is available on iPhone and iPad.

  • Vector 2

Vector 2, a game for laboratory adventure, is an offline iPhone game where the player is a test subject who runs through multiple floors performing all the laboratory tricks. Every level unlocks a new experience for users and offers you a new level with new armor with a control mechanism and gestures like jumping, sliding, and many exciting gaming features. 

  1. Need for Speed: No Limits 

Car racing fans have the option of using NFS, a highly popular racing game application among iPhone users. To play, you need to win races and unlock new levels. This game has a story-like experience. If you face defeat, bosses will speak to you and encourage you not to lose the mission again. There are many missions in this game to explore. Download it for free. 

  • Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is a game for architecture and puzzle fans. The game has an illustration-kind aesthetic that also has tricks to twist the game for the player. In Monument Valley 2, you can have full control of viewing the amazing scenery of the game and also see the hidden challenges and locations to make it easy for you. 

  • GTA SAN Andreas

Exceptionally, GTA San Andreas is one of the best games out there. It is accessible on iPhone, Android, Windows, etc., and it is also offline. It has a completely unique concept compared to other games. If you are a GTA fan and have been playing it for half a decade, then the best thing you can do is download it on your iPhone and play it without any internet connection, like in the old days. 

  • Limbo

If you are a horror fan, Limbo is the game for you. Its gameplay makes players curious to find out more about it. Limbo is an adventurous puzzle game with a dark scene of a young boy entering limbo to save his sister. Stories like these in gaming applications set a new level in the gaming era. Players will have to explore dark forests and deadly spiders and solve the mystery of limbo. 

  1. Asphalt 8-Drift Racing Game

If you want to experience an exciting racing game, look no further. Asphalt has been one of the most popular drift racing games in the gaming world. This game has a massive collection of speed machines, such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and many more. It also unlocks levels of racing, and players have challenges to face their racing skills. There is also a new version of Asphalt that can be installed on the iPhone, with various features and no internet connection required. 

  • Candy Crush Saga 

Originally implemented on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga gained a wide audience and was popular enough to be demanded as a mobile application. Its new version is now available on iOS, Android, Windows, etc. This game is quite simple and keeps players engaged with something fun. The more candies you crush, the more levels you unlock. Simple! They could be challenging as well, but this application is popular among kids, youngsters, adults, and old individuals as well. This game can also be played in a browser. As Facebook already has a huge following and community, Candy Crush’s popularity was predicted. 

  1. Minecraft 

Minecraft has a wide community and is one of the most unique gaming applications. It is a building game app that also unlocks creativity in players. This offline game is highly popular among Windows users, iPhone users, and Android users. Minecraft is a discussed topic everywhere. All you need to do is build an amazing castle and create your wonderland with your imagination. Many players might not be amused by the building part, which is why this game has a kickstart survival mode that helps players craft weapons and armor to defend themselves against mobs. 

  • Sudoku

Sudoku is known to be a brain booster that helps players focus on things like solving puzzles and makes it addictive. This game can be similar to many alternatives but is highly popular when it comes to mobile game applications. It can be confusing for players in new levels, but it also gives hints when trapped in one. 

  1. Traffic Racer 

If you get stuck in traffic and imagine yourself escaping the scenario with your imaginary victory thoughts, then this game is for you. Traffic Racer gives you a chance to drive in traffic and use your potential to get out of the situation. It can be frustrating for many users, but it is also quite addictive for many. This game is also highly customized, which allows players to upgrade their cars. Players can have access to 40 different cars and change them at any given time. Another customizable feature in Traffic Racer is when players can change the environment to snowy, rainy, windy, or desert. 

In Summary 

There are many ways to spend your time on smartphones, but offline gaming applications are one of the best and most entertaining ways you can kill your boredom. These are the 20 worth-playing iOS gaming applications that require no network or internet connection. You can always have access to these games with multi-player strategy and by unlocking new features. When it comes to user experience, iOS is popular for that main reason, not just in games but also free music apps for iPhone offline. There can be several alternatives to all applications, but these might be your ideal choice and nostalgic to many. 

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