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20+ Airbnb Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Are you looking for apps like Airbnb, either to rent or give out on rent? Well, we have curated a long list of over 20+ alternatives for Airbnb; whether you want to have diverse accommodation options and a unique experience, are seeking better quality assurance, or is it a matter of privacy, exclusivity, and local regulations, we have enough options for you to give it a shot and embark on your journey, assured of a destiny waiting for you.

Although Airbnb has been a go-to platform for travel enthusiasts, digital nomads, and property owners alike, the size of this travel and tourism industry is so colossal that it has space for numerous players in the industry to carve out their share. So whether you are a property owner who keeps your property always on rent or a travel enthusiast, this blog is the only read you need.

So, without further delay, let’s delve into the list of Airbnb like apps to diversify your options.

20+ Airbnb Alternatives

Below are the considerable alternatives for Airbnb for both property renters and owners.

Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

Vrbo, which stands for vacation rental by owners, is a vacation rental platform that lets property and space owners list up their space, i.e., homes, apartments, or other types of accommodations for short-term rentals. Offering a wide range of vacation rentals, from entire homes to cabins to condos and beach houses, Vrbo is famous for providing space of all sizes.

The platform has a listing of diverse properties, and you can converse with owners directly. It has been a go-to choice for families for the spacious homes and properties it hosts on its platform.


Booking.com was initially not on the list of apps like Airbnb from the onset. Over the years, as vacation rental has expanded and dynamics have changed, the platform has expanded too, offering a diverse range of accommodations, including hotels, apartments, vacation homes, and other unique stays.

Being here for decades now, it has an extremely extensive inventory, offering quite a large range of options. The platform has quite a user-friendly user interface and has flexible booking options, different search filters, aggregated reviews for users, etc.

Plum Guide

Plum Guide focuses on providing quality vacation destinations and short stays. Their onboarding and listing process is quite stringent, and the majority of the applications are rejected, which actually guarantees a super luxurious and premium experience.


HomeAway is a popular rental platform that was acquired by Vrbo. It offers a wide variety of properties for short-term stays and rentals, focusing on giving out entire homes, cabins, condos, and other types of unique accommodations to travelers who are looking for alternatives to traditional hotels.

By the way, if you have CapEx to invest, these platforms take a commission and have other streams of income, so if you are looking to build a similar kind of app, it is recommended to hire the best Flutter app development company to build an app that seamlessly targets users of both platforms.

Kid & Coe

Kid & Coe was started by a mom in 2013 with the aim of providing home rentals for families to make their stay easy. Kid & Coe has destinations around the world, from basic homes to villas with concierge services. Apart from everything for adults, renters can also have the facility for things like child gates or high chairs.


Tripping.com is more of an online search engine and review aggregator that aggregates properties from other platforms, letting users compare and find the best deals on accommodation. It aggregates property listings in double-digit form in more than 150,000 cities around the globe.

It falls on the list of “apps like Airbnb but cheaper” as it sources properties from across platforms, allowing users to compare prices, amenities, and other rental details. As it garners listings from different platforms, it has a global inventory, meaning listings from different countries and regions.


Homestay works differently than other apps, aiming to give travelers the opportunity to live like locals. The purpose of this platform is to connect travelers with local hosts who are willing to share their homes and provide a more immersive and cultural experience.

It has significant potential to be one of the apps like Airbnb but cheaper as you share rather than renting a separate property, focusing on culture immersion, varied accommodation, personalized service, shared meals and activities, etc.


Wimdu is a vacation rental platform like HomeToGo; calling it even a clone would not be wrong. It offers a variety of accommodation services, from apartments to houses to other unique stays. The platform aims to connect travelers with hosts who are willing to share their spaces for short-term rental from around the world in different cities and destinations.

Though it offers a variety of accommodation services, it specializes in apartment rentals and gives travelers the opportunity to experience a home-like environment. Apart from apartments, you can book studios, apartments, houses, and unique stays like lofts and penthouses.


Roomorama is another conventional vacation rental platform that has invented a variety of short-term accommodations, including apartments, homes, and unique stays. The platform strives to provide travelers with a diverse range of options for lodging in different cities and destinations. It has inventory listings from around the globe, offering primarily short-term rentals.


Onefinestay is considered above the rest and falls in the premium category of space rental platforms, offering luxury vacation space with high-end and curated accommodations for travelers in search of absolute exclusivity and a luxury experience. 

It has curated listings of premium homes, apartments, and luxury rental homes. Some listings on Onefinestay also include personalized concierge services, which provide guests with assistance and recommendations throughout their stay. The platforms aim to stand out by offering unique and memorable experiences.


GuestReady is more of a property owner-centric platform that provides property management services for hosts, helping them list and optimize their properties for short-term rentals. It is a professional service for people who want professional and flawless assistance in managing their vacation rentals on various platforms, including Airbnb and others.

Key Features

The list of key features it offers property owners allows them to optimize and boost their property services, helping them earn their true potential.

  • Property Maangmenetn Services
  • Multi-Platform Management
  • Cleaning And Maintenance
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Guest Communication
  • Professional Photography
  • Channel Management
  • Local Regulations Compliance

This platform does what most property owners find mundane and boring and don’t indulge in.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals

TurnKey is different from other alternatives for Aribnb and works differently by employing itself as an intermediary who takes care of guest needs, future bookings, and more once you are done booking. If not approved, TurnKey expects the guests to be over the age of 25. This modality ensures the quality and consistency of their services, so nobody has to suffer at the mercy of property owners with mediocre services.


PerfectPlaces.com is more like a vacation rental directory than just a typical vacation rental platform that brings listings from various property management companies, individual property owners, and other vacation rental websites. The platform acts as a hub for travelers to find a diverse and wide range of vacation locations to rent, including homes, condos, cabins, and more.

It has a comprehensive repository and directory that includes different types of properties to ensure users find accommodations that suit their preferences and group sizes. Because it is a repository, it includes global inventory from around the world.


Vacasa is the other way around, more like a vacation rental management company that gives professional services to property owners looking to rent out their homes. Unlike traditional vacation rental platforms, Vacasa focuses on the owner’s side, focusing on property management and handling various aspects such as listing optimization, guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance.

Key Features

Vacasa is not like other apps like Airbnb and seeks to streamline property renting over the internet.

  • Full-Service Property Management
  • Professional Photography
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Channel Management
  • Owner Dashboard
  • Local Expertise
  • Guest Services


HouseTrip is a vacation rental platform that offers a wide variety of short-term accommodations, including apartments, houses, and vacation homes. The platform connects travelers with property owners or managers and is an effective alternative to traditional hotels and resorts. It has listings of diverse property types from around the globe in different cities, regions, and luxurious destinations.


BeMate is a platform that specializes in serviced apartments, offering short- and medium-term stays in urban locations. The platform connects travelers with fully equipped apartments, combining the comfort of home with hotel-like services. BeMate is designed to cater to both leisure and business travelers.

The primary focus of BeMate is on serviced apartments to provide travelers with fully furnished and equipped accommodations, primarily in urban locations, i.e., city center locations, for travelers who want to stay close to key attractions, business districts, or events.


FlipKey provides users with an abundance of vacation rental options, i.e., homes and Airbnb alternatives from around the globe. It is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, so it integrates what they call an encyclopedia of real user reviews. If you are looking for a vacation for a group of people, it is one of the best apps, like Airbnb.

It is a vacation rental platform that aims to connect travelers with property owners or managers offering short-term rentals. It provides a diverse range of accommodations, including homes, apartments, and vacation rentals worldwide.

Hello Landing

Landing is like a special place where people can stay when they need a home for a little while. Instead of having to sign a paper for a really, really long time, you can stay there just for a little bit, like a month or two. Just like other models, when you walk into your new home at Landing, you don’t need to bring any furniture or stuff because everything is already there: the bed, the couch, and even the plates and spoons are all ready for you to use.


Blueground is quite similar to Hello Lnading, offering the same services as them, i.e., flexible month-to-month rentals for fully furnished stay rooms. Though quite similar, there is still one difference between them, which is that Blueground offers rental destinations outside the US. Their selection of cities in Europe includes cities like London, Barcelona, Singapore, etc.


Cozycozy is another search on the list for finding all the best short-term vacation rentals in one place. It aims to act as a one-stop solution, searching from multiple sources and garnering a gazillion of options, including sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, Hotels.com, etc. It gives users the option of comparing prices for vacation rentals, hotel rooms, and other unique accommodations. It is a great platform.

Getting an App from Nearshore Agile Software Development

These platforms charge a certain percentage, both from property owners and travelers, for their revenue. If you smartly crack the model, you can literally end up making a really decent amount of money without having to give your own property on rent, but with just a platform.

So, if you have capital and have a unique way of pursuing this model that you think others have not cracked and come to realize, you should start by outsourcing your development of the app to a company that is offering custom cross-platform services. The reason for cross-platform development is that you can target the audience of both platforms, i.e., iOS and Android, with a single codebase.


In this blog, we list several apps like Airbnb, so you have a diverse range of options to install and take your vacation experience to the next level. Also, we listed apps that are facilitative and supportive of property owners and helped them list and optimize their properties so they could get the best ROI possible from their properties.

We also included apps that focus on certain types of properties that fall under the premium category, and some even have concierge services to facilitate travel with management and assistance. We covered the top alternatives for Airbnb so you could compare them and keep the app that is best between the two or more.

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