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The 10 Best Currency Converter App For 2023

Currency converters are a blessing for all globally involved individuals. We all know that the primary grind with foreign transactions is essential for accurate conversions in local currencies. The currency converter is the answer to all the problems people face during traveling. On the other hand, even if you are not a traveler and you make plenty of online transactions, or you have a currency exchange trading unit, you will need the most accurate form of a currency converter because converting rates is often problematic for most people. Before getting to know the ten best currency converter apps for 2023, let’s get to know more about currency converter apps. Financial management is a domain that has opened the doors to the market. Fintech apps have not only automated the distribution of such services and have eased money transfer problems. Even iOS application development has its very own currency converter application. 

Get To Know More about Currency Converter App

A currency converter is a currency-based calculator that allows conversions of one currency into general values or qualities of other currencies. Special software codes are used for currency conversions, and it’s designed so that the conversions do not take much time and produce outcomes accurately. 

A converter allows traders, investors, and auditors to compare the value of one currency against the other. Supply and demand impact the values determined for different currencies, and it automatically reflects the online currency converter. An online converter is easier to use on the go and get quick rates on currency exchange. There are many companies providing currency converter mobile app development services to make conversion easy with the swipe of your finger.  

What is Currency Exchange? 

Currency exchange is a marketplace that permits individuals and traders to exchange different currencies at designated rates. Investors and speculators mainly use currency exchange. Currency exchange is a licensed business model which allows customers to create exchanges between currencies. You might want to see market trends over time and other financial information. A currency exchange bureau continually identifies changes in conversion rates to revolve around the monetary value of each country. It is also referred to as a foreign exchange market.

Primary Features Of Currency Converter Apps

Converting Multiple Currencies 

A currency converter app can assist users in converting a currency into various currencies concurrently. You can use the currency converter app with just one click. The multi-currency conversion facility guides businesses and companies to keep track of fluctuating conversion rates and make brief decisions.

Exchanging Rates Fluctuation In Real-Time

A currency converter app assists in having quick and fast results of the conversion for exchange rates of currencies all over the world. The currency app keeps changing its rates along with the changes occurring in real-time. This app can help business owners evaluate the rates of different currencies and highlight their future indexes. 

Currency Trends And Analysis Charts

The currency converter app’s main feature is to show the latest currency trends and analysis charts. These trending charts and currency highs or lows help business owners to analyze currency fluctuation in an advanced way. 

Real-Time Calculator 

The modified feature allows you to perform basic calculations in between currency conversions. You can efficiently perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of the currency conversion outcomes on the same screen.

Forecasting Financials

Apps that convert currency help in forecasting currency and spiraled price fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. Applications like currency conversions batch data into specific patterns and carry an analysis to forecast financial reports. Business owners can power up the financial forecasting feature of currency conversion applications to make acquainted decisions regarding purchases and sales in the global market. 

Money Conversions

A currency converter app can help shift money from one currency to another. The most vital aspect of this application is that it allows business owners to make worldwide transactions on the go. Money conversions also help tourists make different payments without the commotion of converting money into local currencies. This feature allows business entrepreneurs and individuals to convert money into cryptocurrency with advanced blockchain functionality. Real-time crypto conversion is beneficial when you are unable to convert your currency into another currency. 

Top 10 Currency Converter Apps For Andriod, iPhone, Smartwatch, And Windows

Currency converter app is being used by all sort of gadgets these days; a list of the top 10 currency converter apps is mentioned below:

  • Xe Currency Converter 


  • Focusing on the list of features, it is the best app in terms of user experience.  Xe Currency Converter sets the user’s standards high with its molecular details. 
  • Xe Currency Converter shows exchange rates for around 130 currencies. Users benefit from the application for global money transfers; users can switch tasks and app screens in the middle of the process and come back again where they left off. 
  • Xe Currency Converter app has structured options for graphical representations. 
  • Users can use historical data from almost ten years back. Making its money transfers bold, users can quickly create an account, add boundless participants, confirm real-time exchange rates, pay out whatever currency the user wants, and track the payment.
  •  Users have the freedom to set their targets mid-market and receive real-time updates when their currencies go near or past the target rates.
Rating: 4.5/5.0  Downloads: 10 million 
  • Currency Converter Plus 


  • Currency Converter Plus gives in-depth programming missions because of its unbreakable Android and iOS application development constructed model. 
  • It shows real-time and linked exchange rates for 170 currencies, bitcoin, and precious metals like gold and platinum. 
  • It has a booming backend with API that is trademarked to offer its users the most accurate exchange rates. 
  • Users can get imperative conversion rates with live charts and a history of conversions.
  • This app has the ability to work offline and in airplane mode too. 
Rating: 4.9/5  Downloads: 5 million 
  • Easy Currency Converter


  • Easy Currency Converter is a convenient app for quick results that allow users to adjust their own customized personal currency list.
  •  Users can inquire about historic graphics starting from 2011. 
  • This app generates news about the fluctuations and market lifts and drops, converting currencies accordingly. 
  • The app is designed to update currency rates every second. It recognizes all global currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. 
  • Its offline mode comes with a dark mode in order to save your earphones battery consumption. When nurses are offline, they get cached exchange rates that have been browsed previously. It has more than 10 Million downloads on Google Play. 
Rating: 4.6/5 Downloads: 10 million 
  • Currency Foreign Exchange Rate


  • For Forex investors who are in need of real-time data and want to review their portfolio value right where they are, Currency Foreign Exchange Rate is the answer to all their money conversion solutions. 
  • The app updates hourly exchange rates around the world. 
  • The app has an offline feature for people who travel remotely with limited to zero connectivity. 
  • It has more than 1 million active users on iOS. 
  • The app is new to the Android system. 
  • The app is free and generates revenue through In-app purchases. 
Rating: 4.3 /5  Downloads: 2 million 
  • All Currency Converter


  • All Currency Converter supports 168 currencies and comes with a calculator.
  • It has an advanced feature of graphical representations of monthly fluctuations in the exchange market. 
  • Most importantly, it explores in-app web searches for users who like to keep track of old fluctuations economically.
  •  It is a perfect app for Forex traders and investors. 
  • It contains country profiles, bank information, and a calculator that supports several widgets for the home screen. 
Rating: 4.2 /5  Downloads: 10 million 
  • My Currency Converter And Rates 


  • My Currency Converter and Rates is the best conversion app for iPhone users. It has a support system for offline mode and shows exchange rates for 150 currencies.
  •  It has the highest accuracy and a search engine for real-time updates of exchange ratios.
  •  There is no need to hit the calculate button with its advanced calculator feature.
  •  Its minimal user interface and user experience help secures a large number of ratings.
  •  It’s an open-source app and generates revenue through advertisements. 
Rating: 4.8 / 5 Downloads: 1 million 
  • My Currency Converter For Android 


  • My Currency Converter for Android is a super helpful app, quite similar to the iOS app, but it’s specially designed for Android users. 
  • It shows exchange rates for 130 currencies.
  • The app functions offline and is totally free. 
  • Its curve-and-design and fluid user experience has increased the rating scale.
  • It is super helpful while traveling and making online purchases.
Rating: 4.7 Downloads: 1 million 
  • Currency App For Apple Watch


  • Currency apps are basically used for Apple watches. 
  • It has a minimal user interface and offers an extraordinary user experience to fit the small screen. 
  • Users can use it offline and convert 160 currencies. 
  • It generates revenue through a premium model and sales of in-app purchases. 
  • Its premium version costs $19.99 USD per year
Rating: 4.8  Downloads: 2 million 
  • Callista Currency Converter 


  • Callista is the best currency converter app for Windows and Microsoft devices. 
  • It’s for professionals only. 
  • Using it on Windows makes it more accessible. 
  • Calista shows real-time exchange rates for 72 currencies worldwide.
  •  It doesn’t charge a dime and still shows no ads for a smooth user experience. 
Rating: 4.5 / 5  Downloads: 2 million 
  •  Forex Currency Rates 


  • Forex Currency Rates is a simplified app to assist with daily conversions of currency.
  • It is a perfect application for travelers and traders who require access to modified Forex rates.
  • It supports 140 countries and precious metals.
  • Its graphical representation makes it ideal for professionals.
  • This app is available with a free trial.
Rating: 4.2 / 5 Downloads: 4 million 

Pros And Cons Of Currency Converter Apps 

Pros  Cons
Currency data of the current time and history are both provided. Some currency converter apps do not provide complete and accurate information. 
They help in making better financial decisions.  Exchange rates are not updated timely.
They are easier to use just by signing up.  Most sign-ups cost way too much, shaking your budget plan. 

Wrapping Up

All the apps that we have discussed above offer an exceptional user experience. Most of these apps, despite being available for free, are turning millions in revenue. Celect Studios can guide you in taking your first step towards currency conversation and provide you with the best mobile app development services. We have a team of experienced business analysts and developers who will not only build a perfect application but will also help you penetrate the mobile market with its potential.

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