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10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like MoneyLion In 2024

Mobile app development is gaining popularity and visibility in multiple industrial sectors. In this regard, there has been prominent visibility in mobile apps like cash advance applications that provide financial aid and relief to users. In this article, we will focus on many aspects or topics of cash advance apps as well as get an understanding of substitutes for apps like MoneyLion. As the reader of this article, you will benefit from gaining information regarding the following points. 

  • The meaning or definition of instant cash advance apps
  • The working mechanism behind cash advance apps. 
  • The features and benefits of using cash advance apps. 
  • The meaning or nature of the MoneyLion cash advance app. 
  • Awesome substitutes for applications like Monelion in the market. 
  • And lastly, a list of monetization strategies used by cash advances apps. 

What Are Instant Cash Advance Apps?

By definition, apps like MoneyLion or any other cash advance application are known as programs that let you transfer funds into a bank account ahead of payday. One of the biggest benefits of cash advance apps is that you won’t be charged interest on these loans, even if they are usually free or come with a little cost.

When we talk about its advantages, a cash advance app might be less expensive than using your regular credit cards or payday loans, even with reasonable or upfront fees. Paycheck advances, smartphone apps, and a range of other services run on both Android and iPhone devices, and many of them reimburse you on your next paycheck. 

How Do Cash Advance Applications Work?

One of the basic queries or questions that pop up in my mind regarding instant cash advance apps is how these applications work. Well, the answer to this question is that applications for cash advances can be used by borrowers to get paycheck advances or instant access to money they have earned but not yet received. 

Once these apps are downloaded on installed on a mobile phone device, a user is required to make an account by submitting personal information and fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Once that is done, they can easily navigate the application and ask for a loan that will be provided by charging a small fee or free of cost. Customers who might otherwise forget to pay their bills or risk incurring late or overdraft fees would profit from this service. 

The borrowing limit on most cash advance apps is between $100 and $500. Many people think cash advance apps are a better option than traditional short-term funding options like payday loans since they seldom include interest or other fees. 

What Are Some Of The Features Of Cash Advance Apps?

In this section of the article, we will focus on reviewing the features of instant cash advance apps. 

  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 1: Restrictions To Borrow Money. 
  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 2: Eligibility Requirement Of Users. 
  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 3: Credit Or Debit Fees.
  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 4: Financial Features. 
  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 5: User Interface Of The App. 


  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 1: Restrictions To Borrow Money

The first feature that we will talk about necessary in cash advance apps is the restriction or limitation to borrow money. In this regard, a $100 to $500 loan limit is usual for payday lending apps. However, there are certain apps that start off with a lesser limitation that increases in usage and duration. The cash advance might be received in a matter of minutes or several days, depending on the app. Certain programs provide a faster funding option that is premium, but there is a cost associated with it.

  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 2: Eligibility Requirement Of Users

Next in line, we have the feature of eligibility criteria for users. Most of the apps do not impose strict qualifying requirements. Common requirements include the following points mentioned in the list below. 

  • A current bank account.
  • A minimum credit score.
  • A direct transfer from a normal job.
  • The majority of applications demand users to be US nationals and at least 16 years old.


  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 3: Credit Or Debit Fees

The third feature of instant cash advance apps is the credit or debit fees required to get a loan. In this regard, there are different policies for these applications. 

  • Many apps do not charge interest and are completely free to use. 
  • There are a few apps that ask for a fee, usually a few dollars, to cover operating costs.
  • On the other hand, there are also cash advance apps that charge $1 to $10 per month for a membership.
  • There are also a few websites or apps that provide both a free edition and a “plus membership” at a small fee.

  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 4: Financial Features

Financial features are a must to include in the necessary elements of a cash advance app. There are numerous apps out there that give users access to online financial resources and tools to help with budgeting, saving, and spending. Certain apps operate more like a traditional bank, providing checking and savings accounts if you think you’ll need them. Therefore, cash advance apps are not only helpful to get a loan before payday but also helpful to manage the finances for people. 

  • Cash Advance Apps Feature No. 5: User Interface Of The App

Last but not least, we have the feature of having an easy-to-understand and navigate user interface for cash advance apps. Just like any other app, including the best smartwatch app, ecommerce app, or others, cash advance apps should also provide proper guidelines, cues, and feedback to consumers to promote a positive user experience. 

MoneyLion – One Of The Best Cash Advance Application In 2023

MoneyLion is one of the popular cash advance apps in today’s market. This application was established and launched in the year 2013.  It is known to provide a range of services, including 

  • Credit builder loans up to $1,000.
  • Cash advances.
  • Managed investments.
  • Early salary deposit.
  • No credit balance.
  • Cashback incentives.
  • Financial education and tracking. 

It takes away traditional barriers to financial aid and provides financial access to hardworking Americans, enabling them to manage their money and accomplish their goals easily and effectively. 

Another amazing point of this cash advance mobile app is that it has successfully integrated many latest technological trends and features into its working mechanism. For instance, with the use of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and improved analytics, the app can obtain a 360-degree view of its users’ finances and offer highly customized suggestions or advice to manage them. This app has been designed for both iOS and Android users, which makes it even more accessible in the market. It has more than 6 million active members making use of the services and facilities this mobile app has to offer. 

A List Of Apps Like MoneyLion Cash Advance Mobile Application

In this section of the article, we will look up some of the substitutes for instant cash apps like MoneyLion. 

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 1: Earnin.
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 2: Dave.  
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 3: Chime. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 4: Branch. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 5: Brigit. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 6: Current. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 7: SoFi. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 8: PayActiv. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 9: Klover. 
  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 10: Even. 


  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 1: Earnin

The first app that is similar to MoneyLion is known as Earnin. This app helps release your income ahead of schedule, relieving financial pressure. It has a distinctive charge-tipping structure, which highlights a community-driven approach and makes it a popular option. By bridging the gap between paychecks, this software makes sure you pay urgent bills without having to wait for your regular paycheck.

With Earnin, you may take out some of your earned cash prior to payday by having it calculated depending on the number of hours you work. Tipping encourages a sense of shared responsibility and community since users may pay it as a charge.

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 2: Dave

The second app in the list of apps like MoneyLion is Dave. In order to help its users with their financial problems, this app provides small cash advances to help them get by until their next paycheck. Considering its low membership cost, it presents itself as a simple, easy-to-use substitute for MoneyLion. The users of this app have to be a member before it can track your spending, anticipate future costs, and provide tiny cash advances to keep you from going over your limit.

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 3: Chime

Next in line, we have Chime, another alternative to apps like MoneyLion. This app improves banking by providing a comprehensive service together with a cash advance function. Chime is also one of its kind, as it supports a no-fee strategy. With its cash advance function and automated savings option, this aims to modernize banking while prioritizing customer convenience. 

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 4: Branch

The fourth solution of instant cash advance apps like MoneyLion is known as Branch. The app provides budgeting tools to help you better manage your money along with cash advances, representing a beneficial strategy for achieving financial stability. In addition to offering cash advance services, the Branch also offers a complete financial solution by promoting appropriate financial behavior with tools like budget tracking and cost management. The use interface of Branch is easy to understand and navigate, which makes it a preferable substitute for the user. Standard access to this application is free; however, quick access is subject to fees.

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 5: Brigit

Moving forward with our list of apps like MoneyLion, we have Brigit. With the help of its cash advance function, Brigit acts as a financial safety net, making sure you never run out of money when things become difficult. This app helps manage unplanned costs, promotes financial stability, and lessens the stress associated with financial gaps by providing prompt cash advances. The working criteria of  Brigit are that it keeps an eye on users’ accounts and gives you a cash advance when you need it the most. 

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 6: Current

Current is yet another beneficial and popular substitute for apps like MoneyLion as it combines the qualities of cash advance and contemporary banking under one umbrella. Its quick money transfers and expenditure reports features are noteworthy. Current offers qualified members cash advances as part of their contemporary banking options. Along with that, for a monthly charge, premium members receive additional benefits and greater cash advance limits.

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 7: SoFi

The seventh substitute in the list of apps like MoneyLion is SoFi. In addition to its cash advance function, this app offers a broad range of financial services, including insurance to personal loans. It is a strong platform for handling personal money, guaranteeing financial well-being, and meeting different financial demands.

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 8: PayActiv

Next in line, we have PayActiv, which developed the Earned Wage Access (EWA) in 2012. With this app, up to 50% of a user’s earnings may be withheld by the provider prior to payday. The fact that no bank account is needed is a huge benefit; however, it is necessary for the user’s firm to be PayActiv-enrolled, or else there are not many possibilities for such users. You also need to register for a Payactiv Visa Prepaid Card in order to receive early payment without paying a charge, or else a fee will be applied. 

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 9: Klover

Klover is yet another beneficial substitute that requires no interest or late penalties. It is an app that users may access up to $200 two weeks before their paycheck. It provides options to track your credit score and financial objectives. In order to earn points that may be exchanged for a larger reward or used to join Klover’s sweepstakes, you can also view advertisements and complete surveys. 

  • Substitute Of MoneyLion App No. 10: Even

Last but not least, we have Even, which is also one of the best substitutes for apps like MoneyLion. Depending on how many hours they’ve worked, employees can receive an advance of up to 50% off their salary with Even’s Instapay function. Even also provides budgeting and saving options, such as helping you identify invoices you pay from your linked bank account and letting you set aside a percentage of each salary for expenses. 

A List Of Monetization Strategies Utilized By Cash Advance Mobile Applications

In the last section of our article, we will review a list of methods that help instinct cash advance apps to make money. 

  • Subscription fee. 
  • Premium membership. 
  • Initial downloading of the app is free, but some of its features require a cost or fee. 
  • Requirement of a fee on a certain limit of cash advance application. 
  • In-app mobile ads.
  • In-app purchases, etc. 

To Wrap Up

Instant cash advance apps are an effective and beneficial tool for users who want to manage their finances in a strategic way. These apps also provide the facility of easing the stress and tension of users who have urgent financial needs. Therefore, choosing an app like MoneyLion or its substitutes will always provide you with comfort and guidance to manage your expenses. Thanks to tech advancement, the market of mobile app development in this industry is constantly growing with the aim of providing limitless benefits to users. 


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